Learn to Code Live Online from Anywhere or In-Person in Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

What formats are Juno's courses offered in?

All Juno courses are offered Live Online from anywhere in the world, or In-Person at our campus in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. If you choose to learn Live Online, all you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection. If you choose to learn In-Person, you need to be able to attend on campus classes for the duration of your course.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, all Juno courses are Live Online until further notice. Find out more about Juno's Live Online course format here or signup here to be the first to know when our In-Person courses are back.

Are there any computer requirements?

You'll need a laptop for every class! Although we don’t have a preference for what you use, some courses and workshops do require the use of a Mac laptop. Students who enroll in the UX Design must use a Mac laptop as you’ll be using Sketch, a program that isn’t currently available for PCs.

If you are unable to provide your own, we offer a limited number of Macbooks for rent for our In-Person classes, at a rate of $100/month plus HST with a refundable security deposit of $250. Please let us know as soon as possible if you require a laptop rental.


Yes! Our Toronto campus is a dog-friendly space, which means you will often see furry friends roaming around the space when you come in for class in-person. Your house-trained dog is welcome to come in for class as well!

Do you offer corporate training?

Yes! Juno provides hands-on, project-based learning for executives, agencies and non-technical teams to help them thrive in today’s digital economy. At your office, Live Online from anywhere, or off-site at Juno in Toronto, we’ll take your team through a one-day development or design workshop. Through lessons and hands-on exercises, participants will use what they learn throughout the day to build a final project from scratch. For more information visit our Corporate Training Page.

Do you provide certificates upon completion of one of your courses?

Students who complete the Full-Time Web Development Immersive Bootcamp will receive a certificate. We do not provide certificates for our Continuing Education courses. We’re happy to provide documentation of completion for Continuing Education studies, however, if required by your employer.

How much time should I expect to dedicate to one of your courses?

Part-Time Courses All of our Continuing Education courses requires a minimum time commitment of approximately 10 hours a week: 6 of class time and roughly 4 hours of homework.

Accelerated Courses Each Accelerated course runs Monday - Friday from 10am - 5:30pm. Outside of class hours, you should plan to spend 20-30 hours per week reviewing material and working on your project.

Web Development Immersive Bootcamp Our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp, on the other hand, is designed to be an intensive program. In addition to 35 hours/week of in-class lessons (Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm or 9am to 5pm depending on your program session), exercises and project work time, students are expected to commit to 20-40 hours a week outside of class

Live Online FAQs

What are the minimum tech requirements for attending a course Live Online?

To participate in our Live Online courses, you must have:

  • A computer with working speakers and microphone - a laptop or desktop computer is fine!
  • A modern operating system - MacOS 10 or higher, Windows 7 or higher, or equivalent.
  • A strong and consistent internet connection - at least 10Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. You can check your speeds for free here.

To make the most of your Live Online experience we also recommend:

  • A working web cam. It doesn’t have to be the greatest quality!
  • An external monitor if you're using a laptop or a secondary monitor if you're using a desktop computer.
  • A comfortable desk and chair.
  • Noise cancelling headphones.
  • A positive attitude.

Web Development FAQs

Will I get a job after taking Web Development?

All of our Continuing Education courses are non-vocational programs and are not designed to precipitate a career change. They are a great way to bulk up your resume and learn a new skill, though!

Our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp is our vocational program and is designed to give you the experience, skills, and support you need to launch your development career.

Can I apply to Juno's Bootcamp after this?

Yes! If after taking our Web Development course you decide that you want to pursue a career in Front-End Web Development, then applying to our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp is a great next option. However, many of our most successful Bootcamp graduates also choose to take our JavaScript course before diving into Bootcamp to solidify their skills and prepare for the Bootcamp's immersive learning environment.

If you already know you want to make a career change through our Bootcamp, our Bootcamp Prep Bundle is a great way to save your seat and make yourself an awesome candidate. Find out more about this bundle and how to apply here.

Succesful Web Development Immersive Bootcamp applicants who have taken our Web Development course will also receive a $1,000 Alumni Scholarship off of their Bootcamp tuition, and an additional $1,000 Alumni Scholarship off if they've taken our JavaScript course.

Bootcamp FAQs

I have no prior coding experience. Is the Bootcamp right for me?

Not quite yet. Applicants to our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp will be required to successfully complete a technical assessment using HTML, CSS, and responsive development, so you’ll need some coding experience to be eligible for the program.

While our Continuing Education courses are not a mandatory prerequisite, students who complete our Web Development course before applying to Bootcamp will learn the coding skills they need to complete the technical assessment and be set up for success in Bootcamp. Successful Bootcamp applicants who have taken our Web Development course will also receive a $1,000 Alumni Scholarship off of their Bootcamp tuition.

As of January 2021, our JavaScript course is also included in our Bootcamp's tuition. Many of our students have shared that taking the course before Bootcamp provides the best learning experience and today, the majority of our Bootcamp students choose to enroll in the course before Bootcamp starts. Our full-time Accelerated JavaScript course in particular is a great way to get a feel for the immersive learning environment and quicker pace of our Bootcamp program. The Bootcamp curriculum will also soon be updated to assume a higher initial understanding of JavaScript, so that everyone entering the program is closer to the same skill level and classes can move to more advanced subject matter at a quicker pace.

I’m interested in Bootcamp, but I’m going on vacation and might miss a few days. Can I still enrol?

Unfortunately not. Due to regulations under the Private Career Colleges Act, students enrolled in the Web Development Immersive Bootcamp must attend 315 hours of class to receive their certificate, and that’s exactly how many we have planned during your nine weeks with us.

What do you look for in applicants?

Our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp is always made up of a diverse group of students that are motivated, intellectually curious, and have chosen to study at Juno for a reason. They consider themselves lifelong learners and creative problem solvers, and sh