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Unlock the power of front-end web development with JavaScript!

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Add more depth to your websites with our JavaScript course. You'll start with the basics of functional programming, like objects, arrays, and jQuery. Then you’ll cover APIs and AJAX, and promises, among other topics. You will leave this course with the perfect addition to your front-end skillset.

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This JavaScript course is a unique offering in Toronto. Nowhere else can you join a classroom of people focused specifically on learning JavaScript. Since HTML & CSS are a prerequisite, you’ll dive right into JavaScript and spend 48 in-class hours mastering curriculum that is regularly updated to ensure you’re learning the best, most relevant programming topics.

Dates & Costs

48 hours over 8 weeks

$2,000 plus HST

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In this JavaScript course you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming and build a strong foundation of basic concepts. Over eight weeks, you’ll become comfortable with control flow and loops, functions, objects, arrays, manipulating the DOM and so much more, learning each concept through interactive lessons and exercises. You'll also learn techniques to build and manage your code in a modular and reusable way, allowing you to create larger applications with ease. You’ll explore AJAX and JSON, and how you can integrate APIs to create robust user interfaces. You’ll learn how to work with maps, geolocation, firebase, and other external libraries to create rich web applications.

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November 02 December 21, 2019

10:00am - 4:00pm

483 Queen St. W, Toronto

Instructed by

Alex Dodd


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Our Lifelong Skills Guarantee means that you will always be up-to-date with industry best practices.

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What you’ll learn

Below are a few of the technical topics covered in our JavaScript courses.

  • Fundamentals of programming using JavaScript

  • Introduction to JavaScript Data structures, including Objects and Arrays

  • jQuery methods and best practices

  • The DOM and how to manipulate it

  • Using browser DevTools to debug projects

  • Best practices to keep code efficient and organized

  • How to use REST APIs

Course Projects

Intro Course – JavaScript

What will I build?

Everybody at Juno understands people learn at different speeds and in different ways. Everybody there cares about you and wants you to succeed. I’ve never been to a school that gave a crap about me until I went to Juno.

–Brent Carabott, Support Guru & Front-End Developer @ Out of the Sandbox

Meet your JavaScript Instructors

Tiff Haxell

Director of Continuing Education at Juno

Anne Thomas

Karley Potter

Product Manager (JavaScript)

Jenny Veens

Front-End Developer - Playground Inc.

JavaScript Course Syllabus

Download our JavaScript Course Syllabus to get a full lesson-by-lesson look at what you'll learn and a preview of the projects you'll create in our courses.

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