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Our Values

We experiment & improve

Back in 2012, Juno started out as an experiment and today our obsession with experimentation and iteration continues. From our students to alumni to the Juno Team, everyone here strives to improve every day. But we aren’t satisfied with just improving - we want to experiment too. We love thinking outside the box, coming up with new ideas, and trying them out. We know that not everything will work, and we’re okay with that. Experiments lead to breakthroughs, and breakthroughs are what we’re after!

We take initiative & deliver results

If you’re the kind of person who can't help but take action, you’ll fit right in at Juno. We love ideating, but we’re way more about the walk than the talk. We pride ourselves in being a low-meeting culture because we want everyone to have time to do the work. This makes it possible to deliver the kind of results we’re known for. Enrolling our students in courses isn’t enough, we have to make sure they get what they came for too - a new career.

We’re flexible & thrive in ambiguity

At Juno, we’re in uncharted territory, bringing innovation and student-centred learning to an industry that has barely changed in hundreds of years. There’s no map for where we’re going, so for us to get there, we need to work together and be flexible. While we know where we’re headed over the long term, the path there has lots of twists and turns, and our team doesn’t mind the ambiguity. In fact, we thrive in it.

We’re enthusiastic & positive

One of the best things about working at Juno is that we help people change their lives. When the work we do has that kind of impact, it’s easy to be enthusiastic! Seeing the difference we’re making every day is what brings us together. We’re also passionate about the power of positivity. Every day we get to choose how to react to things, and our team chooses positivity. Where other people might see challenges, we see opportunities, and we’re excited to take them on.

We are a people-powered college that thrives on collaboration and community.

The team at Juno is genuine, caring and always looking to improve their work, themselves and our community. I have never worked in a space that values and encourages feedback like this, every decision is made with the help of a team - I feel heard and empowered every day!”

Olga Perron, Bootcamp Administrative Coordinator

Our team is a diverse group of people, all dedicated to providing students the best learning experience possible - and having fun along the way.

Meet the team

As an Instructor, I appreciate that Juno College encourages you to inject your personality into your role. It remains inspiring to work with a team that is comprised of individuals with a dedicated passion to change the nature of education.

Colin D'Amelio, Bootcamp Lead Instructor

Perks & Benefits

Personal & Professional Development

Our business is centred around learning, which is why we want to ensure Juno team members are learning all the time! We provide a $500 Personal & Professional Development budget annually to all employees, which can be used toward any sort of learning experience you’re interested in. Whether you want to become a Scrum Master or learn to bake pastries, we think those experiences will benefit not just you, but our company of learners.

Health & Wellness

We offer all of our team members a comprehensive benefits package, which includes Health and Travel benefits, a Health Spending Account, access to an Employee & Family Assistance Program, coverage with the Personalized Prescription Plan, and more. We believe in and care about having the flexibility to choose what fits our own personal and individual needs!

Continuous Learning

We know the best minds out there are always learning, that's why Juno team members can join our part-time courses and workshops for free! We encourage continuous learning and improvement, and taking one of our classes is a great way to learn new skills, while also building empathy for our students’ experience.

Work/Life Balance

At Juno, we understand the importance of balance in our personal and professional lives. To place emphasis on this, all team members enjoy three weeks of vacation annually and 7 personal emergency days a year, in addition to a holiday closure from December 24th to the New Year.

Support for Parents

Our CEO has two kids, so this comes right from the top. Many people who work at Juno are parents, and we’ve supported several team members through parental leaves. We offer a progressive pregnancy & parental leave policy (we top up all employees to 75% for three months) and a private, locking Privacy room for breastfeeding or pumping.

Join a Diverse Community

We serve over 1000 students a year, and our alumni community is over 3500 people strong. Your job here will result in an enormous network of talented, friendly, career-motived people all across the city. There’s always something going on in our alumni community, and you’ll be welcome to be a part of all of it.

Open Positions

Part-Time Mentor

Toronto, ON

We're always looking for great Part-Time Mentors!

Full-Time Instructor

Toronto, ON

We're always looking for great Instructors!

Part-Time Instructor

Toronto, ON

We're always looking for great Part-Time Instructors!

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