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We craft custom learning journeys that accelerate careers.

Founded in 2012 as HackerYou, Juno is a registered Private Career College based in Toronto, Canada. We help tech-savvy learners land careers they’ll love – fast. To achieve this, we build a custom learning journey for each student based on their interests, talents, resources and goals - and their training continues until they land a job making $50K a year or more. We believe that we only succeed when our students do, so until we make good on our promise, students only pay us $1. We know, we know – finally, a school that gets it.

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Juno is proud to be the first school in Canada to offer Income Share Agreements, where we invest in each student, instead of the other way around.

Why Juno?

By the numbers


Founded by Heather Payne and the team behind Canada Learning Code


female-identifying staff


Square feet of campus space across canada


Team members - we’re hiring in Toronto

The school formerly known as HackerYou.

We launched in 2012 as HackerYou, a history we love but a name that we’ve since outgrown. We’re excited to welcome in the era of Juno! In Roman mythology Juno’s role was as the protector of the entire community, but especially the women. At HackerYou, we’ve always been passionate about supporting those who identity as women or non-binary as well as other minority groups, so we adapted the moniker as our own.

Meet the team

We love what we do. From Instructors to Career Advisors and our Operations team, we all have individual expertise but come together in our love of helping people change their lives. Oh, and we have a lot of fun, too. Join us

Heather Payne

CEO & Founder of Juno

Brent Charbonneau


Tiff Haxell

Director of Continuing Education at Juno

Brandon Keen

Campaign Marketing Manager at Juno College

Melissa Carter

Content Marketing Manager at Juno

Charlotte Nurse

Program Manager at Juno

Adam McMillan

Lead Instructor & Developer at Juno

Suzette McCanny

Lead Instructor & Developer at Juno

Colin D’Amelio

Lead Instructor & Developer at Juno

Shangni Hu

Instructor & Developer at Juno

Mark Goldberg

Product Manager, Advanced Programs at Juno

Katie D’Angelo

Product Manager, Beginner Programs at Juno

Asaf Gerchak

Lead Instructor & Developer at Juno

Alex Tait

Lead Instructor & Developer at Juno

Fatima Gueye

Lead Instructor & Designer at Juno

Tarra Joshi

Admissions & Inclusion Manager at Juno

Daniel Andres

Student Success Coordinator at Juno

Farzad Kajouii

Director of Operations at Juno

Steven Choi

Student Success Consultant at Juno

Tristan Lawrence

Marketing Developer

Stephanie Cheng

Student Success Consultant at Juno

Chi-Chi Egbo

Manager of Career Services at Juno

Zaki Patel

Analyst at Juno


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