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With Juno’s new Pay What You Can Income Share Agreements, you can pay as much you’d like upfront for your Bootcamp education. Enter your upfront payment to calculate your investment.

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ISA Financing FAQs

  • How is my ISA Investment calculated?

    The amount you pay for your ISA is capped at 1.5x the inital ISA amount you require. Your Total Investment calculated above is the maximum amount you would pay for Bootcamp, which includes your upfront payment, plus your ISA cap.

  • When do I start making ISA payments?

    You’ll start making ISA payments once you are making the monthly equivalent of $50,000 per year or more. At this point, you will pay 17% of your income per month to Juno, for 24 months, or until you reach your ISA cap.

  • When do my ISA payments end?

    ISA payments stop after 24 monthly payments, or when you reach your ISA cap. In any month, if you don’t make at least $4,166.66, payments pause. This includes if you lose your job or take time off to stay home with kids. Regardless of the number of payments you have made, your Income Share Agreement ends after five years.

  • Are there any other discounts or scholarships available?

    Most of our Bootcamp graduates start their learning journey in our part-time Web Development and JavaScript courses to learn the fundamental coding skills they need to qualify for Bootcamp. If accepted to Bootcamp after taking these courses, you’ll receive an $1,000 Alumni Scholarship per course to use towards your Bootcamp tuition - even if you choose an ISA!

  • What if I don’t find a job right away?

    Don’t worry, your ISA payments don’t start until you are making the monthly equivalent of at least $50,000 per year. In 2018, 81% of our Bootcamp graduates were employed within 120 days of graduation, with an average salary of $54,449. Though we do expect salaries and placement times to be affected slightly by COVID-19, we’re still comfortable making a bet on you and your success.

  • Am I eligible for an ISA?

    ISAs are available to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents only, and limited ISA spots are available per cohort. If you don’t qualify for an ISA or want to discuss other financing options, book a call with a member of our Student Success Team.

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