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Juno Partnership Spotlight: Innocean Worldwide Canada

September 01, 2020

Blog — Why Juno? Juno Partnership Spotlight: Innocean Worldwide Canada

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Sennah Yee

Marketing Coordinator

Juno College

Since Juno was founded in 2012 as HackerYou, we’ve helped thousands of students dive into tech. Whether you're looking to learn a new skill with our free coding workshops, level up at work with our part-time courses, or make a career change through our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp, we’re experts at building a unique learning journey to help you get ahead. With proven results in the shortest amount of time, student-friendly payment options, and an inclusive community, Juno is dedicated to making a tech education accessible to everyone. And with our programs now available in a Live Online format, you can learn with us from anywhere in the world!

Our award-winning Bootcamp is designed to help people become web developers, fast. After only 9 weeks, graduates emerge with a new set of in-demand skills, a supportive community, and the confidence to launch their new career in a future-proof industry. We’re proud to have partnerships that have led to our grads working with some of the most innovative companies around the world, from independent start-ups to big tech organizations. Our partnership with Innocean Worldwide Canada began in May 2020, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share more about how we're partnering to help Juno graduates get ahead.

About Innocean Worldwide Canada

Founded in 2009, Innocean Worldwide Canada is a full-service advertising agency headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with a sister office in Montreal, Quebec. They are part of the Innocean Worldwide network made up of 26 offices in 19 countries around the globe. For over 10 years, Innocean has been servicing the needs of national clients with an integrated advertising approach combining accounts management, creative, media, print and digital production services all under one roof. Currently, Innocean works with clients including Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. Genesis Motors Canada, Kia Canada Inc., Surex, Merrell, LG, and others.

Innocean’s vibrant integrated agency is thriving with diversity in talent and skills. Their strength comes from open, can-do attitudes, and their seamless transition to working from home during the pandemic while still delivering excellence to their clients is proof of this.

Juno and Innocean Worldwide Canada’s Partnership

“Innocean Worldwide Canada gets it. From my first conversation with Sherry and Norine, it was clear that Innocean valued the experience, qualities, and skills of Juno grads!"- Chi-Chi Egbo, Juno's Director of Outcomes

Juno’s Director of Outcomes Chi-Chi Egbo first reached out to Innocean Worldwide Canada back in May 2020 about hiring opportunities for Juno's Bootcamp Grads. Two months into major shut-downs due to COVID-19 at the time, people across the country were still easing into their new reality, including those at Juno and Innocean.

“We weren’t hiring at the time but after consulting with our COO, Norm Melamed, we felt it was important to support the program and give the new grads a chance during this difficult time,” says Sherry Gu, Innocean Worldwide Canada's VP of Production.

“Chi-Chi is so great to work with and we couldn’t help but be inspired by her enthusiasm with her students," says Norine Lau, Innocean Worldwide Canada's Director of HR and Administration. "She has a passion for getting high calibre grads placed with a company that matches with what they are looking for in their career path. It was a no brainer discussion that evolved into possibilities of continuing this endeavour as a partnership with Juno on a rolling basis."

A short time later, Juno Bootcamp Grad Nuno Macedo joined the Innocean team as a Studio Developer Intern on a full-time contract, working on building various digital projects including email campaigns, digital ads, and website landing pages. When we asked Innocean what they love about working with Juno Grads in particular, their answer was something we pride ourselves on: the diverse experiences that our grads bring to their work.

“Juno grads come with a variety of backgrounds. For example, Nuno has a digital marketing and sales background. He brings fresh energy to the table and makes good suggestions based on his previous working experience."

“Juno’s program is designed to meet future needs.” - Sherry Gu, VP, Production at Innocean Worldwide Canada

“I’ve always championed collaborations with notable programs and educational institutions and believe internships are a great way to foster upcoming talent,” says Norine. “Collaborations like this are so meaningful, providing opportunities to both eager graduates and those who are looking for a second career, as well as encouraging our employees to mentor and develop their leadership skills.”

When asked what Juno Grads would love about working with Innocean:

“Innocean believes the future of business will be led by companies and brands that understand how to create JOY. Despite the fact that we are working remotely, the team stays connected and continues to focus on delivering JOY to our clients. We are passionate about providing a foundation for growth for new grads. Innocean believes JOY stands up to all of the above and more.”

What can Juno Grads expect to work on with companies like Innocean Worldwide Canada?

Juno Grads who work with Innocean Worldwide Canada are part of their full-service studio made up of over 25 full-time employees who deliver over 3,000 projects annually. Innocean Worldwide Canada provides clients with a variety of services, including:

  • End-to-End Project Management
  • Digital & Print Design
  • Video Production & Motion Graphics
  • Website Development, Quality Assurance
  • CRM Campaign Management & Execution
  • Content Management & Asset Maintenance
  • Editing, Proofreading, Translation
  • Vendor Management
  • Prototyping & Concepting Services

As developers, Juno grads might expect to work on projects including:

  • Responsive HTML emails for newsletter eblasts
  • Dynamic digital banner ad builds for Google’s Display & Video 360 platform
  • Content updates to existing website pages through the content management system Adobe Experience Manager
  • Occasionally assist clients with building microsites and landing pages that use React as the main framework

"Innocean’s internship not only fosters the growth mindset, curious nature, and technical skills that Juno grads offer, but it provides junior developers with the real-world foundation and mentorship to launch a thriving career in web development." - Chi-Chi Egbo, Juno's Director of Outcomes

Juno and Innocean Worldwide Canada look forward to continue their work together on this exciting partnership!

Want to learn more?

If you're interested in hiring impressive talent to your team like Innocean did, please contact Juno’s Director of Outcomes Chi-Chi Egbo:

To stay in touch with and learn more about Innocean Worldwide Canada, you can find them online on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and their website. To learn more about career opportunities, email You can also connect with Innocean’s VP of Production Sherry Gu on LinkedIn or Twitter!

At Juno, graduates of our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp are hired at amazing companies like Innocean on a regular basis. If you're interested in making a career change into tech at an exciting company like this, find out more by downloading our free guide to Kickstarting Your Tech Career!

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