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Real Reviews From Real People: Why Juno College's Web Development Immersive Bootcamp Is One Of The Best

August 13, 2020

Blog — Why Juno? Real Reviews From Real People: Why Juno College's Web Development Immersive Bootcamp Is One Of The Best

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Sennah Yee

Marketing Coordinator

Juno College

Have you been feeling increasingly unhappy in your current job and itching for a change? Are you finding yourself thinking more and more about a career in tech? Maybe you've been slowly exploring your options, reading helpful resources like our free guide to Kickstarting Your Tech Career, joining a free coding workshop, or even enrolling in a part-time Continuing Education course and realizing hey, this is something you could do for a living!

As you may already know, Juno's award-winning Web Development Immersive Bootcamp does more than help people change careers - it changes lives. After 9 weeks of intensive learning through hands-on projects, you’ll emerge with future-proof skills, lasting friendships, and the confidence to start a career that brings you happiness.

Since 2012, we've helped over 800 stududents launch careers as web developers. And now that our Bootcamp is available Live Online, we’re excited to have people join our community and learn with us from around the world.

But don’t just take it from us! Here are some of the things that set Juno apart according to our community, and real reviews from Juno Bootcamp graduates that speak for themselves!

Proven results - and fast!

"Not only is Juno's Web Development Immersive Bootcamp program expertly tailored to provide you with the skills employers are looking for, but the whole team is 100% invested in your success and behind you every step of the way. Thanks to the incredible team at Juno, I'm proud to say I'll be starting my new career as a Full-Stack Developer. I couldn't have done it without everything Juno has to offer; this is the future of education." - Laura MacKew, Junior Full-Stack Developer at JMIR Publications

It's truly amazing after only knowing the basics of coding, that in less than a year I gained the knowledge and experience to enter a career in technology. - Laura MacKew, Junior Full-Stack Developer at JMIR Publications

"I'm very excited to be starting my career in web development less than a year after taking my first part-time course at Juno. Bootcamp helped me level up my skills, and the support of the staff, students and community provided me with the confidence to succeed." - Ken Taylor, Web Developer at Dotfusion

"Juno is one of the few institutions that doesn’t care about where you’ve been or if your path has taken many roads. A month after finishing my Bootcamp, this aspiring actress with a degree in Musical Theatre got a job as a Junior Front-End Developer at a fantastic company. And now a year later, my title has been changed to Software Engineer and I’m still loving every minute of it! Juno is inclusive and supportive both during the course and afterwards should you need anything. Juno was the best decision I ever made and I’m so excited for those starting or thinking of starting their journey with Juno." - Maren Sigson, Software Engineer at Apply Digital

A Juno instructor helping two students in a classroom

Focus on your education instead of worrying about your finances with our student-friendly payment options

"I was thrilled to be given the opportunity as one of the first people to be offered this new PWYC ISA program. It really gave me the chance to go to a school that empowers and supports their students." - Eduard Tupy, Bootcamp Student

The lengths that the team went to ensure people from all walks of life could have accessibility to the bootcamp is unparalleled. - Eduard Tupy, Bootcamp Student

"I feel very blessed to achieve the dream job I’ve wanted for a long time with an incredible support system that is the Juno community. I would have never been able to get here as fast as I did without their Income Share Agreements. It makes me happy to know more individuals can achieve their goals without finances standing in the way of that." - Alexa Woloszuk, Front-End Developer at Sherpa

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Find confidence and care through our inclusive community

"After researching the different bootcamps in Toronto, I was drawn to Juno the most due to their overwhelmingly positive reviews, strong alumni community, and their emphasis on inclusiveness and diversity in the tech community. Immediately since day one of bootcamp, I felt welcomed and supported. Students and instructors alike were all so kind and understanding and for the first time in a while, I finally felt like I belonged somewhere." - Anna Liang, Front-End Web Developer at DRC Video

"Juno made my dreams come true. Everyone I’ve had the privilege of coming into contact with has been incredibly supportive. You can tell they truly care for both their student’s futures in the industry and for our understanding of these concepts they are teaching." - Kay Evans-Stocks, Junior Web Designer at Dotfusion

It was here that I found a family. My peers and the staff at Juno are all so unique, honest, and truly themselves and it created such a fun and positive space; a space where we could also be ourselves and know we will be supported. Some of the coolest people I have met! - Kay Evans-Stocks, Junior Web Designer at Dotfusion

"When I decided to go back to college, I was apprehensive about keeping pace both as a parent and as an older student. Indeed, the program was intense and challenging, but my voice was always heard. The teachers and staff were constantly gathering our feedback to ensure they delivered a program which would help us succeed both professionally and personally. They took the time to create a positive space, and they immediately integrated us into the wider and incredibly supportive Juno community. Going to Juno raised my expectation of what a career college could be." - Austen Valentine, Full-Stack Developer at OMERS

Check out our Reviews page for more testimonials from our alumni!

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