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Web Development Immersive Bootcamp

Toronto Coding Bootcamp: Web Development Course

Web Development Immersive Bootcamp

Launch your development career with Juno for just a loonie upfront.

Our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp is for you if you're ready for a career change: this is a program about more than taking a deep dive into JavaScript and React. With a curriculum focused on today’s best practices led by a world-class instructor team, you’ll graduate from Juno with the skills and knowledge you'll need to land a web developer position. The average starting salary from our most recent cohort is over $56,000! We're the experts in getting you there.

The Best of the Best

Our selective admissions process allows us to round out each cohort with a diverse group of highly motivated and skilled students. When you’re accepted into Bootcamp, you’re joining a community of driven people who share your career goals and values. What follows is a life-changing nine weeks that will prepare you for a career transition, with lasting friendships formed along the way. Our Bootcamp is challenging for sure, but you’ll come out of it primed for success and a new career. Not to mention incredibly proud of yourself.

A Win-Win Approach to Paying Tuition

As the only school in Canada offering Income Share Agreements, every Canadian now has the opportunity to pursue a web development career with us. Students who choose to fund their education through Income Share Agreements will pay just $1 upfront. Once a graduate is earning $50,000 per year or more, they pay back 17% of their income to Juno for two years. Incentives have never been more aligned between a school and its students; we only succeed when you do.

Course report best Bootcamp of 2018.
Couse Compare Best Bootcamp of 2019.
Switchup Winner Best Coding Bootcamp 3 years running.
  • 9 weeks Full-time, Monday to Friday Bootcamp
  • 315 hrs+ in-class hands-on learning
  • 500+ 5 Star Student Reviews
  • Certificate of Graduation under the Private Career Colleges Act

Dates & Costs

We offer early acceptances on a rolling basis – the sooner you apply, the better your chances are! Learn about rolling acceptances

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Fall 2019

  • Bootcamp
  • Oct 21 Dec 19
  • Monday - Friday
  • 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Beyond Bootcamp
  • Jan 20 ⁠–Feb 20
  • Twice a week
  • 6:30pm - 9:30pm
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Winter 2020

  • Bootcamp
  • Jan 20 Mar 20
  • Monday - Friday
  • 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Beyond Bootcamp
  • Apr 20 ⁠–May 20
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • 6:30 - 9:30pm

Winter II 2020

  • Bootcamp
  • Feb 24 Apr 20
  • Monday - Friday
  • 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Beyond Bootcamp
  • May 20 ⁠–Jun 20
  • Twice a week
  • 6:30 - 9:30pm

Spring 2020

  • Bootcamp
  • Apr 20 Jun 20
  • Monday - Friday
  • 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Beyond Bootcamp
  • Jul 20 ⁠–Aug 20
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • 6:30 - 9:30pm

Pricing Options

Option 1

Pay the Total Upfront


+ $250 registration fee, no HST

You’re eligible for a $2,000 alumni scholarship off Bootcamp if you’ve taken our Web Development or JavaScript courses. You’re also eligible for another $1,000 off Bootcamp for every additional Juno course you’ve taken.

Option 2

Income Share Agreements

$1 upfront

Find out more

Pay 17% of your income for two years after you’re hired, but only if you’re making at least $50,000 a year. If you lose your job, or stop working, payments pause and total payment is capped at $18,000. You're also eligible for the same alumni scholarships as those paying their tuition upfront.

  • All pricing includes:
  • 6 weeks part-time: Beyond Bootcamp + Capstone Project (demo night)
  • 2 weeks full-time: Career Development Sprint (career support)
  • 9 weeks full-time: Web Development Immersive Bootcamp (deep dive)

What you’ll learn

Your time in Bootcamp is about more than just technical skills download the syllabus for a complete overview. You can expect to learn:

  • HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design
  • Web accessibility requirements
  • JavaScript fundamentals, jQuery and using REST APIs
  • React and Firebase for rich application development
  • Paired programming and working in teams
  • Project presentation and public speaking best-practices
  • Personal branding and how to position yourself to employers
  • Design competencies and considerations
Course Syllabus

This PDF gives a complete program overview with the skills you’ll gain.

Download the Syllabus


While we encourage all interested applicants to apply, to gain acceptance into our Bootcamp you must:

  • Have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Have demonstrable knowledge of HTML & CSS. You will be required to successfully complete a technical assessment using HTML and CSS best practices in order to advance through the application process. If you’re new to HTML & CSS, don’t worry check out this blog post.
  • Complete a recorded video interview, then attend an in-person or video interview in order to determine culture fit.

If you’re new to coding, don’t be intimidated by our HTML & CSS prerequisite. Most people who come to Juno started as beginners and gained the requisite skills through our part-time Intro or Accelerated courses.

What we look for:

  • Motivation
  • Coding Experience
  • Leadership Potential
  • Resilience & Adaptability
  • Written & Verbal Communication Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • ...and people who are nice!

Have questions? Our Student Success Consultants are here to answer any questions you have and to help you build your own unique learning journey.

Talk to a Student Success Consultant

Meet your instructors, mentors, and the career services team that are here to support you – and get you hired.

Brent Charbonneau


Charlotte Nurse

Program Manager at Juno

Chi-Chi Egbo

Manager of Career Services at Juno

Adam McMillan

Lead Instructor & Developer at Juno

Suzette McCanny

Lead Instructor & Developer at Juno

Asaf Gerchak

Lead Instructor & Developer at Juno

Colin D’Amelio

Lead Instructor & Developer at Juno

Fatima Gueye

Lead Instructor & Designer at Juno

Alex Tait

Lead Instructor & Developer at Juno

The Opportunity

In 2017, Toronto tech was the fastest growing market, hiring more than any city in North America.

The opportunity to break into tech has never been greater. In 2017, Toronto was named the 4th largest tech market in North America, outpacing the San Francisco Bay area, Washington, DC and Seattle. It’s Toronto’s well-educated talent pool that is the driving force this Web Development Bootcamp can get you up to speed and launch your career in tech, fast.

Why you should break into Toronto tech

  • <120 days 80% of graduates accepted an offer within 120 days of completing the Bootcamp
  • 97% graduate employment rate for Bootcamp students in 2018
  • $56,872 average starting salary of the recent Winter 2019 Bootcamp cohort
Download Outcomes Report

Your journey starts here

This Bootcamp Student Experience Package contains:

  • Full course syllabus and weekly class overview
  • Projects preview of what you’ll be working on over your nine weeks
  • A preview of the skills you’ll learn to master in the Bootcamp
  • An overview of the content covered in the Beyond Bootcamp course
  • A breakdown of the costs and financial aid options
  • What your next steps should be

Juno graduates land careers they love at Canada’s most innovative companies. Meet our alumni

Web Development Bootcamp FAQs

I have no prior coding experience. Is the Bootcamp right for me?

Not yet. Applicants to the Web Development Immersive will be required to successfully complete a technical assessment using HTML & CSS, so you’ll need some coding experience to be eligible for the program.

While our continuing education courses are not mandatory as a prerequisite, students who complete the Intro Web Development course prior to applying for the Immersive learn the basics of coding required to complete the technical assessment. They are also eligible for a $2,000 scholarship if accepted to the Immersive.

What do you look for in applicants?

The Immersive is always made up of a diverse group of students that are motivated, intellectually curious, and have chosen to study at Juno for a reason. They consider themselves lifelong learners and creative problem solvers, and show energy, drive and leadership potential. They have an understanding of their current skills, a desire to learn and improve, and an understanding of the steep learning curve ahead. They’re able to remain positive and focused while gracefully accommodating new ideas, changes, distractions, or challenges, and will thrive in our fast-paced environment!

What kind of job support do you provide?

Throughout the program, we do as much as possible to help in your job search, such as leading sessions on personal branding and job hunting strategies & tactics. We also host an Industry Day at the end of the Immersive, where students network with our hiring partners and have the opportunity to showcase their portfolios.

Upon graduation, students work closely with the Juno Career Services team on their job search. We help students structure their searches, troubleshoot job hunt challenges and even help negotiate contracts. Once students find their first job, we provide alumni with ongoing support, through hosting professional development and career coaching sessions, and having Alumni stop by or message us on Slack for advice. We're only ever a message away!

I’m interested in Bootcamp, but I’m going on vacation and might miss a few days. Can I still enrol?

Unfortunately not. Due to regulations under the Private Career Colleges Act, students enrolled in the Web Development Immersive program must attend 315 hours of class to receive their certificate, and that’s exactly how many we have planned during your nine weeks with us.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

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