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How to Apply to Juno’s Web Development Immersive Bootcamp: Tips from our Student Success Consultants

April 08, 2020

Blog — How to Apply to Juno’s Web Development Immersive Bootcamp: Tips from our Student Success Consultants

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Stephanie Cheng

Student Success Consultant

Juno College

Thinking about making a career change by taking Juno's Web Development Immersive Bootcamp, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re already a talented developer, or just starting from scratch, if you're ready to make a career change into web development, we're ready to help make it happen. Since our first cohort in 2014, our Bootcamp has helped over 700 people launch their development careers, and it's now available in a Live Online format.

Juno Student Success Consultant Stephanie Cheng has written a step-by-step walkthrough of our admissions process, as well as some tips on how to shine through your application.

Are you a Juno Alum?

If you've already taken a course with us, click the button below for our admissions process for Juno Alumni!

Bootcamp Admissions Process for Juno Alumni

STEP 1. Fill out an Online Application

The best time to apply is right now! At Juno, we operate on rolling acceptances - this means that the earlier you apply to a Bootcamp cohort, the better your chances of getting a seat! With 6 cohorts running in 2020, we have over 300 seats available to dedicated and aspiring developers.

Apply Now!

STEP 2. Chat with a Student Success Consultant

After applying online, you'll receive an email thanking you for your application, plus an invitation to book a call with a Student Success Consultant. Your Student Success Consultant will ask about your coding skills to determine whether it would be best for you to take our technical challenge or see if you need further training through our Web Development course.

Have limited or no coding experience? No problem!

In fact, most of our applicants come from non-technical backgrounds. If you’re new to coding, we highly recommend our beginner-friendly Web Development course. 90-95% of our Bootcamp students start off with this course to prepare themselves before applying to our Bootcamp. A huge perk is that for every course you take at Juno prior to your Bootcamp cohort, you will receive a $1,000 discount off your Bootcamp tuition!

While taking our Web Development course does not guarantee you a spot in our Bootcamp, it's the best way to gain the skills you need to qualify. It's also a great way for you to see if Juno and coding are a good fit for you before investing in Bootcamp.

Taking our Web Development course can also help your application, as Juno’s Admissions Team receives feedback from your Instructors about you as a student. So if you do join a course before Bootcamp, you can stand out in your Bootcamp application by completing your projects, asking questions, and helping your peers!

STEP 3. Technical Challenge

After chatting with your Student Success Consultant, if they feel you are prepared to try out the bootcamp technical challenge, we’ll send you a link to complete the challenge over a period of 7 days. You’ll be asked to replicate an image of a website using HTML & CSS, and to make it responsive.

STEP 4. Video Interview

After passing your technical challenge, we'll then send you a link to complete our Kira video interview, which you’ll have 3 days to complete. During the interview, you’ll watch short videos of Juno’s CEO and Founder, Heather Payne, asking a variety of questions – both oral and written.

These questions have to do with qualities we look for in a Bootcamp applicant, so bring energy and enthusiasm to your answers! There aren’t always “right” or “wrong” responses to our questions – we want to see how you think through your answers. You’ll also be asked to upload your resume so we can get a sense of your background and experience.

Looking for some tips on how to nail your interview and spruce up your resume? Check out this blog written by our Career Services team!

STEP 5. Application Review

The Juno Admissions Team will review your entire application, including your technical challenge feedback, Kira video interview, and resume.

Possible Outcomes

You get accepted!

Yahoo, you did it! We’re so excited to have you join the Juno family! You’ll receive your offer of acceptance via phone call from a member of our Admissions Team.

You get accepted but our ISA seats are full

In 2019, Juno was the first school in Canada to offer Income Share Agreements - a program that allows our students to pay only $1 upfront, and pay us back once they are making at least $50,000 in their new career.

In 2020, we launched our Pay What You Can Income Share Agreements, a flexible option that allows students to pay as much as they'd like upfront for their Bootcamp education.

We have a limited number of ISA seats available per Bootcamp session for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents, so this is another reason why it’s important to apply as early as you can!

In the event that you get accepted but our ISA seats are full, and this was your preferred method of payment, our team will explore other financial options with you so that you can hopefully be able to pay for Bootcamp upfront!

Learn more about our Scholarships and Financial Aid

We recommend you take another course first to strengthen your technical skills

Sometimes we may find you’re a great fit for Bootcamp and that your technical challenge passed, but was not strong enough compared to other applicants. If this is the case, we might suggest you take our Web Development course, or our JavaScript course depending on your level of technical skills, to strengthen your application.

After completing the course, we would ask for feedback about you from your Instructor, and then consider your application for the next available Bootcamp cohort.

Looking to take our Web Development and/or JavaScript courses before applying Bootcamp?

We offer a Bootcamp Prep Bundle that allows you to save your spot in Bootcamp before investing in these two courses!

Learn more about Juno's Bootcamp Prep Bundle

We invite you to re-apply!

If you fail your tech challenge, or if we don’t feel you’re the right fit for this cohort of students, it’s not Juno closing our doors on you forever - you’re always welcome to re-apply!

We want to see you succeed, so if you weren’t accepted we’re always happy to offer feedback or recommendations so that you can improve your application for the next Bootcamp cohort!

In general, we recommend applying again once you’ve made progress - this likely means improving your web development skills. Our Web Development course is a great first step, as well as our JavaScript course after - and remember, as an added bonus, you get an extra $1,000 off the price of the Bootcamp per Juno course you take beforehand!

The biggest advice from Juno’s Student Success Consultants:

Apply as early as possible to improve your chances of getting a spot! And if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success, we highly recommend taking our Web Development course in the months prior to the Bootcamp cohort you want to apply to. This course will help you gain the HTML and CSS skills you need to be a great candidate, and introduce you to the Juno community.

Most importantly, remember - we’ve got you! If you’re meant for Bootcamp, we’re not going to give up on you, and we’re going to figure out the best way to help you live out your dream of becoming a Web Developer!

Ready to make a change?

Juno’s Web Development Immersive Bootcamp does more than help people change careers, it changes lives. Click below to learn more about this program and its new availability Live Online!

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