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What's New: 5 Improvements We're Making to Juno's Web Development Immersive Bootcamp

September 18, 2020

Blog — What's New: 5 Improvements We're Making to Juno's Web Development Immersive Bootcamp

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The Juno Team

At Juno, we’re known for delivering some of the best learning experiences in the industry, with proven results in the shortest amount of time, student-friendly payment options, and a welcoming and inclusive community. Our award-winning Web Development Immersive Bootcamp has helped over 900 graduates launch rewarding careers in tech, and now that our courses are offered Live Online, we couldn’t be more thrilled to watch our community grow. But, believe it or not, our Live Online courses aren’t the only thing that’s new this year. A key ingredient in our recipe to success is our dedication to experimenting and improving. We’re always working to combine evolving industry standards and best practices with feedback from our students, alumni, and industry partners, in order to implement program updates that set our students up for success.

So, what’s new? We have 5 exciting updates coming soon to our Bootcamp program:

Boosted Career Services To Help You Succeed

Our Career Services Team is one of the best and most dedicated in the industry! We’re updating our Career Services curriculum to create an even smoother transition for our students from Bootcamp to their job search, including increased workshops and lessons with Career Services throughout the program. We’ve also added an additional Career Success Specialist to our team, who will work closely with our graduates during their job search, meeting with them one-on-one on a weekly basis, providing resume, cover letter, and career advice, and ensuring every graduate has the tools they need to land an awesome job after Bootcamp. They will also work with our Director of Outcomes to further facilitate and develop the Career Services curriculum.

Bootcamp Tuition Now Includes JavaScript

Starting with our first Bootcamp of 2021, our Bootcamp tuition will be $12,995 CAD and our JavaScript course, normally priced at $2,000 CAD plus HST, is included in this new price. This new price is inclusive of taxes (there is no HST on our Bootcamp) and fees (our $250 registration fee has been eliminated).

Why include JavaScript in tuition? Today, the majority of our Bootcamp graduates take JavaScript before Bootcamp, and it’s been clear based on surveys that this choice helped set them up for success in Bootcamp. By including our JavaScript course in our Bootcamp tuition, we’re ensuring that every student is starting our program with the same strong foundation they need to thrive in its immersive environment. If you’re looking to apply to Bootcamp in 2021, this means that our JavaScript course will be included in your tuition. So after learning fundamental HTML & CSS skills in our Web Development course, you’ll be able to continue on to build your foundational JavaScript skills in the JavaScript session of your choosing before Bootcamp. There will always be an Accelerated JavaScript course beginning three weeks before each Bootcamp in 2021, so, if accepted into Bootcamp, you’ll be able to wrap up any prior commitments three weeks before Bootcamp starts, take the JavaScript course for two weeks full-time, and then have a week off before Bootcamp begins!

If you’ve already taken JavaScript with us, you’ll get a JavaScript scholarship of $1,750 CAD to offset this new tuition cost. Book a call with a member of our Student Success Team to discuss the details and have all your questions answered.

Curriculum Updates To Better Reflect Current Market Needs

Feedback is of the utmost importance to us here at Juno - it tells us what makes Juno stand apart and shine from the rest, and what we can do to make our programs even better than before. Using data from student feedback collected over 2019, market research, feedback from hiring partners and other companies, and industry trend forecasting, we’re updating our curriculum to better reflect current market needs. For example, we’ve decided to focus more time on built-in JavaScript methods for DOM manipulation and Event Handling to provide a deeper understanding of the language itself and general programming fundamentals, rather than relying on older libraries that are increasingly less common in the workplace, such as jQuery. We’ll be continuing to add more content for using modern React features, such as Hooks, while still providing a strong understanding of class-based components that are still commonly used in real-world projects. We’re also adjusting our project strategy, reducing the number of projects completed from 6 to 5 - this will allow students more time to build more complex and impressive projects, and more time to work on team collaboration and communication skills needed in their careers.

In addition to these curriculum updates, we’ll also be providing additional student support with a focus on building good self care habits, access to mental health resources, and additional issue/conflict resolution support. Keep an eye out for our updated Bootcamp Course Package soon for more details!

Increased Student Support With A New Full-Time Teaching Assistant

We’re adding a full-time Teaching Assistant to the Juno Team! The TA will be in charge of marking student projects throughout Bootcamp and providing technical feedback. They will also support in-class project work time, maintain lesson notes, and answer student questions. This increased class support from the TA will free up our instructors to have more one-on-one time with our students to ensure that they are getting the help they need to succeed in the program.

A More Streamlined and Accessible Admissions Process

As Juno has grown over the years, our Admissions process has, too. In the past, we’ve had our Founder and CEO Heather Payne personally interview each applicant in person, we’ve had group interviews where applicants meet one another and the whole Juno team, and we’ve had admissions handled by a few different staff members. Earlier this year, it became clear that rolling acceptances to our Bootcamp worked best for our community, and that we needed a single owner of Juno’s Bootcamp Admissions to oversee the process and provide support for our applicants.

We hired an Admissions Coordinator in June 2020, and also embarked on a refresh of Juno's Admissions process, to make it more clear, fair, and efficient. For example, we’ve adjusted our week-long technical challenge to an online Technical Assessment that takes 1.5-2 hours to complete. We’ve also reviewed our interview process to be more approachable: instead of having applicants take pre-recorded videos through the Kira platform, now our Admissions Coordinator conducts interviews over Zoom with all successful applicants. Stay tuned for a post from our Admissions Coordinator outlining this process step by step!

We hope these changes will make your journey into tech with us better than ever! We care deeply about ensuring our programs are accessible and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. We want Juno to be a place where everyone can feel like they belong, and where everyone can succeed - especially those from groups underrepresented in tech. We'll continue to evaluate our processes, curriculum, and support services with this lens to ensure we are achieving these goals.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp and how it can help you launch your tech career, book a call below with one of our Student Success Consultants!

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