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Real Reviews From Real People: How Juno's Inclusive Space Will Empower You

September 17, 2020

Blog — Why Juno? Real Reviews From Real People: How Juno's Inclusive Space Will Empower You

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Sennah Yee

Marketing Coordinator

Juno College

At Juno, we don't only educate, we empower. We're committed to creating accessible and inclusive learning spaces where everyone can be heard, be supported, and be themselves. Our diverse community, now thousands strong, is unlike any other - whether you're looking to pick up a new skill with our free coding workshops, level up at work with our part-time courses, or make a career change with our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp, you'll be in great company with like-minded learners.

Here's what some of our students love about our community:

Feel like you belong from your first day of class

"With the help of the always-giving Juno community, I was able to grow as a person, and a developer within an industry that I consider my true calling. I felt comfortable to be who I was: a woman in tech with a learning disability and mental health struggles. If I was struggling mentally or academically, I could ask for help from a Juno friend or teacher, and those little lessons always helped with my growth." - Rojhan Paydar, Web Development & Bootcamp Grad

"I felt really welcomed and supported by Juno’s environment — there are so many female developers and Juno staff in the community, and the Juno community is also really diverse." - Kait Sykes, Web Development, Bootcamp, & Full-Stack Grad

"After researching the different bootcamps in Toronto, I was drawn to Juno the most due to their overwhelmingly positive reviews, strong alumni community, and their emphasis on inclusiveness and diversity in the tech community. Immediately since day one of bootcamp, I felt welcomed and supported." - Anna Liang, JavaScript & Bootcamp Grad

"Students and instructors alike were all so kind and understanding and for the first time in a while, I finally felt like I belonged somewhere." - Anna Liang, JavaScript & Bootcamp Grad

"Juno is one of the few institutions that doesn’t care about where you’ve been or if your path has taken many roads." - Maren Sigson, Web Development & Bootcamp Grad

"The instructors are knowledgeable and engaging, there is more support than you know what to do with, and the school constantly impressed me with its dedication to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment." - Ky Capstick, Web Development, Bootcamp, & Full-Stack Grad

"The inclusive environment and welcome openness to engage with students, and provide when support exactly when it's needed is, frankly, inspiring." - Thomas Garrison, Web Development, JavaScript, & Bootcamp Student

Students working

Make lifelong friendships

"It was here that I found a family. My peers and the staff at Juno are all so unique, honest, and truly themselves and it created such a fun and positive space; a space where we could also be ourselves and know we will be supported. Some of the coolest people I have met!" - Kay Evans-Stocks, Web Development, JavaScript, & Bootcamp Grad

"Juno gives you so many opportunities to learn and grow and provides a community that you can call family." - Pierce Morales, Web Development & Bootcamp Grad

"Thank you to the Juno team for not only helping me develop the skills I needed to land my first job as a software developer, but for connecting me with some of the most wonderful and supportive people I’ve met to date. The skills I’ve learned, friends I’ve made and memories I now share will last a lifetime!" - Sarah Vieira, Web Development & Bootcamp Grad

Get the support and confidence you need to succeed

"One year ago, I took my first part-time course in web development, and it's amazing to see how much I've accomplished since then. The Juno team gave me the confidence to fearlessly pursue an exciting new career even during an uncertain time. Thank you to the community at Juno for all of the support along the way!" - Robin Nong, Web Development, JavaScript, & Bootcamp Grad

"When I decided to go back to college, I was apprehensive about keeping pace both as a parent and as an older student. Indeed, the program was intense and challenging, but my voice was always heard. The teachers and staff were constantly gathering our feedback to ensure they delivered a program which would help us succeed both professionally and personally. They took the time to create a positive space, and they immediately integrated us into the wider and incredibly supportive Juno community. Going to Juno raised my expectation of what a career college could be." - Austen Valentine, Web Development & Bootcamp Grad

"I met an incredibly talented and supportive community, I’ve made lifelong friendships, and I am genuinely happy on Sunday nights. I look forward to the work I do. Juno not only teaches you hard skills, but a mindset that you can learn anything. I can’t really put into words how strongly I’d recommend Juno as a place to learn web development, as it was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made." - Roberto Meech, Web Development & Bootcamp Grad

"I was so thankful to have the opportunity to take this class online. I found the online class environment was very welcoming for beginners. I couldn’t have asked for better instructors; Brent and Alex were funny, engaging, and clear in their teaching. Lastly, Juno has given me the confidence I needed to dive into a new career path." - Danielle, Web Development Student

"Changing careers was terrifying, but Juno gave me the skills I needed to walk into every job interview with confidence. The resources, support, and community they've provided are unparalleled. I'm so excited for this new chapter, and I couldn't be more grateful for the guidance, mentorship, and friendships that the bootcamp experience has given me." - Jessica Chin, Web Development & Bootcamp Grad

Ready to make a change?

If you've been feeling lost, tech could be the answer - and with our community, you'll feel supported every step of the way. Our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp is designed not only to help you change careers, but to give you the confidence and community you've always dreamed of having. Check out our free guide below:

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Juno’s got your back

At Juno, we craft custom learning journeys that accelerate careers. We’ll tailor a learning path for you based on your interests, talents, resources and goals – and that training continues until you land a job making $50K a year or more. It doesn’t matter whether that takes weeks, months or years, we’re with you until you’re employed. And until we make good on our promise, you’ll pay us as little as $1 upfront. We know, we know – finally, a school that gets it. How it works

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