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Why You Should Learn To Code: 5 Surprising Benefits

November 05, 2020

Blog — Why Tech? Why You Should Learn To Code: 5 Surprising Benefits

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Sennah Yee

Marketing Coordinator

Juno College

Is it worth it to learn to code?

We know, it can be daunting to learn something new like coding - especially if you’re not sure how it can be useful to you. The good news is that learning to code is lots of fun, and has many surprising benefits, no matter what industry you’re in!

To those who are beginners at coding, coding in general means writing instructions in a language that a computer understands. There are many different coding languages out there, depending on what you want the computer to do.

Just like English, French, and Russian are languages people use to communicate around the world, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are some languages used to build websites. And they’re easy to learn - we promise!

Whether or not you’re looking to become a web developer, basic coding literacy can positively impact your life in many ways - and there are lots of beginner-friendly online coding classes such as ours that let you learn from the comfort of your own home!

Here are 5 reasons why learning to code is a valuable skill for everyone:

You’ll Stand Out As A More Valuable Employee

As an in-demand and future-proof skill, coding is a great addition to your resume. Even if it isn’t a requirement at your job, you’ll stand out to companies as a more valuable employee.

Learning how to code is also a great way to become more self-sufficient at your job. For example, if you work in marketing or copywriting, having basic HTML and CSS knowledge means not having to ask a developer on your team to help format a blog or insert an image. You’ll feel more empowered and independent - and save lots of time, too!

You’ll Have Fun Getting Creative!

Coding is a great way to flex the logical part of your brain - it’s also more creative than you think! Many artists love learning to code as a way to express themselves and have more creative freedom, whether through building their personal website, creating interactive mini-games, or making cute CSS art.

This unique combination of logical and creative thinking is a great way to improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills - and have fun!

Looking to see what coding is like?

Try one of our free coding workshops for beginners! You’ll learn the basics of building a webpage with HTML and CSS, and leave with a cool mini-project to share with your friends:

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You’ll Be Able To Better Communicate and Collaborate

If you work in tech or in a tech-adjacent role, learning how to code will improve your communication and collaboration skills. Your coding literacy will make it easier to clearly communicate your needs to the developers on your team using terms that everyone is familiar with, and you’ll better understand what your teammates need to succeed from a tech perspective.

You Can Unlock New Career Possibilities

Now more than ever with the impacts of COVID-19, we need technology to connect, communicate, and innovate. Unlike other sectors who have been severely hit by the pandemic, the tech industry is continuing to thrive.

Learning to code can be a great stepping stone to the world of tech. It can open up a world of new career opportunities, whether you’re looking to make a full career pivot to tech, get a raise or promotion at your current job, or start a side freelance hustle to make some extra money.

You’ll Better Understand Tech

On a broader level, learning to code will give you a better understanding and appreciation for the websites and apps that you interact with on a daily basis. Knowing the basics of how they operate will help you grow into a more empowered and active user who understands the role that coding plays in our lives.

These are only some of the ways that learning to code has its benefits for everyone. Not only is it highly useful in the workplace, but it's also a great outlet for personal growth and expression. Looking to learn more about coding and web development, and why you should care? Download our free Coding 101 Package below!

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