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7 Remote Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

July 14, 2020

Blog — 7 Remote Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

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Sennah Yee

Marketing Coordinator

Juno College

In every industry, COVID-19 has transformed how we work - and for some, where we work. Even as some businesses begin to re-open and resume in-person work, it's clear that for some, remote work is here to stay!

With this change, many people have realized that working remotely has its benefits, such as more flexibility and independence. If you're looking to make this a permanent change, we've gathered a list of jobs you can do from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home:

1. Instructor/Coach

Whether you’re leading English or yoga lessons, teaching coding or art, or coaching someone on a fitness routine or their career development, the possibilities of what you can teach and who you can train online are endless! You can work independently or with a company, and sometimes even set your own hours and schedule. If you love teaching and helping people reach their goals, this job could be a great fit for you!

2. Product Manager

A product manager oversees the development of an organization’s products (goods and services). They are responsible for planning and implementing a product’s strategy, roadmap, maintenance, and more across different teams such as marketing, engineering, and sales. If you have great organization, comunication, and leadership skills, you may want to consider a career in product management.

3. Web Developer

A web developer writes code to build websites. At Juno, we’re experts in helping people become front-end developers, meaning they work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Those with a web development skill set are able to work in many different companies across a variety of industries. If you're creative, curious, and like problem-solving, web development may be for you. Learn more about what a web developer is, and how Juno can help you become one!

4. Copywriter

A copywriter is in charge of writing text for marketing materials such as websites, newsletters, and ads. A copywriter can work at companies full-time or part-time, or on a freelance basis for multiple clients for a wide range of industries such as education, tech, travel, hospitality, entertainment, and more. If you've always had a way with words, and are creative, disciplined, and always up-to-date with current events and trends, you could make a great copywriter!

5. Sales Representative

A sales representative sells products and services to prospective customers, develops and maintains positive customer relationships, and provides solutions to any challenges or difficulties customers are experiencing. They can book meetings with prospects online, and chat with them over email, video call, or the phone about their questions and needs. If you're a goal-oriented, upbeat, and passionate people-person, a career in sales may be a good fit for you.

6. Social Media Manager

A social media manager takes care of a company’s online presence on social media, such as posting content and responding to audiences on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They are responsible for implementing and tracking social media strategies that drive engagement and interest in a company’s product. If you're social media-savvy, detail-oriented, and a snappy writer, you could make a great social media manager!

7. UX Designer

A UX designer is in charge of user experience, meaning they ensure that a product is functioning in a way that is useful, accessible, and intuitive. This involves researching, strategizing, creating wireframes and prototypes, and testing a product. UX designers often work closely with developers and designers, and/or have development/design knowledge, themselves. If you have creative, analytical, and problem-solving skills, you may want to look into a career in UX design.

Thinking of making a career change?

These are only some of the many different kinds of jobs that you can do remotely. If you’re thinking of making a career change to a job that you can work remotely and have a lot of fun in too, tech may be for you! Check out our guide to kick-starting your tech career:

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