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How Juno’s Live Online Web Development Immersive Bootcamp Makes Graduates Remote Work Ready

October 06, 2020

Blog — Why Juno? How Juno’s Live Online Web Development Immersive Bootcamp Makes Graduates Remote Work Ready

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The Juno Team

The world of work has changed. Now more than ever, people need to know how to work, collaborate, and connect effectively and professionally online. While every industry continues to adjust to the impacts of COVID-19, the tech industry has proven to be one that will weather the storm - and in some areas, even thrive.

Juno's 9-week Live Online Web Development Immersive Bootcamp not only helps students learn front-end concepts and make a rewarding career change from home, fast - it equips them with the in-demand skill set and mindset to succeed in a professional remote environment. Here are some ways that Juno's Live Online Bootcamp makes graduates remote work ready:

Be familiar with online tools

At Juno, we connect with our community online primarily through Slack and Zoom. Slack is a communication tool that allows users to chat instantly across the Juno community through messaging or calls. Many companies and communities, especially in tech, use Slack to stay connected. Students will also get even more familiar with Zoom, where Juno's Live Online Bootcamp classes and meetings are held through video or voice calls. Students will regularly use Zoom's features such as screen sharing, breakout rooms to debug code in groups, and other collaborative tools within the app.

Engaging with these tools on a regular basis during Bootcamp will come in handy when our graduates encounter them in other professional settings such as remote job interviews, technical interviews, pair programming projects, or team meetings.

Get more comfortable communicating online

The tools mentioned above are also excellent opportunities in our Bootcamp to nurture open, clear, and confident communication skills for when our graduates join a professional remote work environment. If students are newer to working remotely, sometimes it can take a little practice to get comfortable with connecting with others online. This could look like speaking a bit more slowly or loudly in a video call to be heard, or typing out a question in the clearest way possible to get the support they need.

In Bootcamp, students will get to practice their remote communication skills by checking in with their classmates, collaborating on projects, and asking questions to their instructors. They'll also get to practice their remote interviews and public speaking when conducting mock interviews with our Career Services Team, presenting projects, and participating in our community events on Zoom!

Experience with pair and group/mob programming

Knowing how to program together with a partner or a group is an essential skill for a member of any productive developer team. Pair or group programming is also a great way to hone collaborative and communication skills, share knowledge, and stay social and accountable while working remotely. During Bootcamp, students will get to practice both pair and group/mob programming remotely for full projects, as well as during Career Labs sessions with our Career Services Team.

Prepare a personal WFH routine

While working from home has great benefits like flexibility and accessibility, it can take some adjusting to, especially on a full-time basis. In Bootcamp, we’ll prepare our students for remote work life by requiring everyone to show up on time to class, sharing best practices for setting up remote learning workspaces, and encouraging healthy break schedules and boundaries in order to practice proper self-care. Here are a few tips from our alumni on ways to improve the WFH experience.

Over 9 weeks of learning from home at Bootcamp, our graduates will learn more about their own personal WFH style, including what routines and processes help them stay most productive, accountable, and happy!

Experience with peer code reviews

Peer code reviews involve checking each someone else's code and making sure it's clean and easy to read, succinctly structured, and that best practices are followed. Code reviews can work as a great mentorship and learning tool for developers, and can help streamline processes and improve communication in the workplace. We recently introduced peer code reviews to our Live Online Bootcamp as a way for our students to practice this important process that they’ll come across during their web development careers, whether remotely or in-person.

What else do students learn in Bootcamp?

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what students learn in Bootcamp! If you'd like to know more about what students will learn and build throughout the program