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Student Stories: From Data Scientist to Web Developer

July 16, 2020

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Written by Sennah Yee

Reem Hamoui graduated from Juno’s Web Development Immersive Bootcamp in 2019. Today, she works as a Front-End Engineer. Read more about her journey into tech and her advice for those looking to do the same!

Before Juno, Reem worked as a data scientist in Australia and Canada for media, transportation, and financial investment industries. Her daily tasks included extracting, manipulating, visualizing, and narrativizing raw data in order present a recommendation to her manager or client.

"I was pretty unhappy in my past career," Reem says. "Everyone had a different definition of data and how they wanted to work with it, different softwares, different ways of programming - while this made me very adaptive, it also made me feel very unsteady."

I realized that if I don’t make a change now, then I’m never going to be happy.

Reem took some time off and moved back to Lebanon with her parents for a few months. There, she worked as a barista and started self-studying HTML and CSS online in her free time. After a few weeks, she became quite comfortable with it.

"I enjoyed making crappy websites! This was around 6 months before Bootcamp, and before I even knew I wanted to join one."

After Reem moved back to Toronto, she found herself at a crossroads: did she want to continue as a data scientist, or with web development? She applied for data analyst positions, but still did some web development on the side.

Then along came Juno!

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About Reem’s Journey

  • Before Juno

    Data Science Analyst

  • After Juno

    Frontend Engineer

  • Currently

    Frontend Engineer


"I saw a free workshop with Juno, and figured why not, I have nothing else to do; I’m jobless. So I went to one of those events. It was astounding to me how the teaching method was. I only wish I found Juno sooner!"

Reem began researching Juno and other coding schools:

"I reached out to Juno Alumni and they all had nothing but positive things to say. And that speaks volumes, in terms of how a bootcamp is, how they educate and inspire their students to be better developers. It was an astronomical difference between the other bootcamps around the city."

After chatting with one of Juno’s Student Success Consultants, Reem enrolled in Juno’s part-time JavaScript program prior to Bootcamp. “Little did I know, this JS course opened my eyes to so many things I never knew about when it came to web development and showed me the power of web functionality,” she says.

The course also helped boost her confidence and feel more prepared for Bootcamp:

"JavaScript can be a very daunting language to pick up. Taking the course helped me think critically about how I wanted to tackle my code in Bootcamp. It made me a better developer and gave me the time to write my code correctly, rather than Googling every instance of how to go about my projects!"

After completing the JavaScript course, Reem applied to Bootcamp, and was accepted into the Winter 2019 Cohort. While it was a big financial decision, Reem had saved up money while working in Australia and knew it was a worthwhile investment:

I felt comfortable putting the money down towards my education because I knew it would better me as a person, and project me to a better career path where I could really prosper. In my eyes, it was an investment for myself.

She points out a key difference between traditional universities and career colleges like Juno:

"For university, many of us go into it right out of high school, and you’re unsure of what you’re really going to do, or where it’s going to take you. With Juno, you know for sure what you’re going to do, because you have to make that big decision. They make sure you know that this is what you want. Also, bootcamp is not more expensive than university! At the end of the day, you’re basically ready to get a job after it. They’re not preparing you for a degree at Juno - they’re preparing you for a lifelong career change."

"It was the most intense 9 weeks of my life," Reem says. While it wasn’t always easy, the experience was inspiring and rewarding - especially in the long run.

“What I came to learn was that you’re not going to know everything by the time you graduate - you may not be an amazing developer, but Juno gives you the skills to enable yourself to be a great developer. They give you the skills to understand things in the long-term rather than just the short-term,” Reem says. “Whereas in university, you basically just study for a final exam, and then you forget all the details that you studied the night before. That’s not good education!”

Not only did Reem graduate with new skills and a portfolio to show them all off, she had a new sense of confidence in herself, and her abilities - especially her creativity.

“Juno wants you to be as independent and confident as you can be,” she says. “Anytime we submitted a project, I was over the moon. I personally never thought of myself as a creative person, ever - but when I went to Bootcamp and created my own projects, I was making the craziest projects, and got so many laughs from people, and that brought me joy. It made me realize oh wait, I am very creative!"

Juno sparked that creativity in me. It was a very enlightening experience. It challenges you, and with those challenges you find very new skills that you never thought you could have.

A couple months after graduation, Reem landed her first job as a Front-End Engineer at Fueled, a technology consultancy that creates digital products for businesses.

"Right now, I’m working on creating something for the company website that showcases biweekly design and developer challenges that the respective employees undertake," Reem says. "I’m in between bigger projects, so I’m using any extra time to take advantage of learning resources the company provides for me. At this time, I’m learning more about VueJS to be ready for future projects."

What’s next for Reem?

Reem says she’s looking to pick up more JS frameworks to have a more rounded understanding and experience of them. "I also want to take on creating my own APIs from scratch and making them public! This would go a little into back-end development, which is something I really want to seek out, as well," she adds. "Having knowledge of both ends of the development spectrum can grant me a lot of freedom in how I manage my code and create projects, whether it’s for personal projects or for my company."

Speaking of personal projects, during quarantine, Reem started a book club with some of her close friends. "I’m trying to create a little voting website for my friends and I to share book recommendations, book reviews, and a rating system for each book we tackle and want to tackle," she says. "It’s a mammoth of a project but I’m really excited to be working on it!"

Reem paints a pretty picture for what she wants later down the road:

"In 5 years I probably want to be back in Australia, living in a remote beach town and working from home. One of the biggest reasons I went into web development was because of the leniency in remote work. It is actually encouraged in the community to work remotely and live your life, as we all want that freedom and not to be tied down to a strict 9-5 office where long commuting is involved. Find me debugging some code while tanning by my surfboard in my beachy backyard! 😎🏄🏻‍♀️🦘"

Reem’s advice for someone looking to get into tech?

Do your research - don’t be afraid of making the leap into tech, but do it in a smart way that works for you. Also, it’s okay to make mistakes, and not to be the best developer - but know that one day, you won’t be far!

"Web development is very diverse and very accessible," she continues. "There’s so much of it, but you can be very selective with what you want to learn and how you want to make your website function. And just because you’ve studied web development, doesn’t mean you’re only tied to web. The good thing about it, especially going to Juno's Bootcamp, is that they teach you the necessary skills to keep on learning and going!"

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