Juno College’s

Live Online Web Development Course

Over 5,000 alumni and 600+ 5-star reviews since 2012

What is Juno’s Web Development Course?

Juno College’s Web Development Course is an 8 week Live Online training program led by some of the most engaging and passionate developers in the world. You’ll learn to build custom websites using today’s best practices, including HTML, CSS, and responsive development. With a supportive alumni community that’s been growing for almost a decade, you’ll feel like you belong from your first day of class.

Whether you’re brand new to coding or have been dabbling for a while, Juno will help you build skills and confidence with code. Whether you use your skills for personal projects, to help friends or clients, or even as a jumping off point for a career change, Juno is the online learning experience, and the community, you’ve been looking for.


‟The instructors were very welcoming and positive. They were very informative, clear, and created an environment that encouraged me to try my best...This was my first experience formally learning about coding, or anything tech related and it was fantastic.” - Alex, Juno Web Development Grad

How does Web Development at Juno work?

  • Live Online real-time learning via Zoom

  • 6 hours of interactive lessons per week

  • Hands-on exercises & codealongs

  • 2 course projects

  • 10:1 student to mentor ratio

  • Stay connected via Slack

  • Weekly virtual Office Hours

  • Regular feedback & code reviews

  • Lifelong Skills Guarantee

Juno’s Web Development course is Live Online via Zoom - you’ll learn and interact in real time with your instructor and cohort mates. There are six hours of instructor-led classes each week, filled with interactive lessons, hands-on exercises and codealongs, and the opportunity to test your skills as you learn. You’ll also be assigned two projects throughout the course where you’ll build custom websites from scratch based on beautiful professional designs. Our 10:1 student to mentor ratio means you won’t ever feel left behind.

When you enroll at Juno, you’re not just joining your classmates - you’re an alumni for life. We use Slack to connect you with your cohort and the broader Juno community, now over 5,000 people strong - all friendly, motivated people from diverse backgrounds, just like you.

Juno’s Web Development course also includes weekly virtual Office Hours, where knowledgeable developers will be available to answer questions, give feedback and conduct code reviews. Office Hours ensure you’re getting the most out of the course, and that your completed projects are awe-inspiring.

Plus, our Lifelong Skills Guarantee ensures your skills are for life. Our Guarantee means that if you eve