Meet the Team

Robin Hamill

Independent Developer

Robin Hamill is a Lead Instructor of Juno's part-time Web Development and JavaScript courses, responsible for introducing new students to the world of code and programming. He loves trouble-shooting, experimenting, learning and sharing, and is looking forward to helping others take their first step in the tech community. Purveyor of hot tips, keyboard shortcuts, bad jokes, and gets very excited about JSON.

Robin has worked as an independent E-Commerce consultant and web application developer since 2017. He specializes in building custom online shopping experiences and providing creative solutions for unique business needs for clients. Robin has an honours BA from the University of Toronto in Cinema Studies, and in a past life has worked as a photographer, retoucher and bike mechanic (which he insists is helpful somehow when it comes to coding).

In the physical world, Robin is an experienced rock climber, traveller, hardware tinkerer, aspiring electronic musician, and cribbage card shark.