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Meet Our Summer '14 Full-Time Web Development Bootcamp Students!

July 08, 2014

Blog — Meet Our Summer '14 Full-Time Web Development Bootcamp Students!

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Heather Payne

CEO & Founder

We're halfway through 2014, and we just kicked off our Summer 2014 nine-week full-time web development bootcamp just last week. The 25 people listed below have backgrounds spanning from nutrition to graphic design, comedy, and bar-tending, to TV production. It's clear why this diverse group was chosen for the program. Allow us to introduce the amazing folks who have joined us for this nine-week adventure:

Alexandra Bain - @alexispcurio

Serial generalist designer looking to specialise in front-end development alex 400x400-150x150 Born in: Toronto, Canada Education: Bachelor of Design, York University/Sheridan College Languages spoken: English, advanced French Previous occupation: Freelance Graphic Designer Fun fact about me: Currently teaching myself German on a steady diet of Duolingo, Memrise, and Disney songs on Youtube  

Alsu Kurr@alsukurr

Things maker. Now learning to shape the code. alsu 400x400-150x150 Born in: Russia Education: Bishop's University Languages spoken: Russian, Tatar, English, Turkish, Spanish, Mandarin (limited) Previous occupation: Accounts Payable Clerk Fun fact about me: I managed to sit in a full split after a week of practice!  

Alyne Francis - @alynejf

Cubicle-Allergy Sufferer alyne 400x400-150x150 Born in: Regina, Saskatchewan Education: Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Diploma in Environmental Planning Languages spoken: English and basic Spanish Previous occupation: Travelling surf bum and former environmental assessment practitioner Fun fact about me: I once paid a guy in Vietnam to take me through the central highlands on the back his motorcycle. It took 5 days.  

Asaf Gerchak@CoderOfNote

I speak in code to computers and I speak in jokes to humans. asaf 400x400-150x150 Born in: Kitchener-Waterloo, ON Education: BA in Anthropology Languages spoken: English, French, Hebrew Previous occupation: Comedian and copywriter Fun fact about me: In kindergarten, I starred in a movie to help kids who are afraid of going to the hospital.  

Carrie Guss@CarrieGuss

Writer, artist, designer, and web developer. Lover of bad puns and great kerning. carrie 400x400-150x150 Born in: Toronto, Ontario Education: BA in Political Science from Pomona College; MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Florida Languages spoken: English Previous occupation: Educator & Editor Fun fact about me: I’ve seen a man ride into a bar on horseback.  

Christina Ting@thingsbyting

public health researcher, future front-end developer and cheese connoisseur christina 400x400-150x150 Born in: Toronto Education: BSc (Honours), MPH Languages spoken: English Previous occupation: Research Associate Fun fact about me: I was once in an elevator with Michael Cera and it was extremely awkward  

Colin D'Amelio@colindameli0

Front-end web developer always striving to level up. colin 400x400-150x150 Born in: Orillia, Ontario Education: Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration Languages spoken: English Previous occupation: Project Manager Fun fact about me: I am a part-time volunteer for a charity with a mandate towards community safety.  

Dumitru Onceanu@DumitruOnceanu

Web developer with a passion for startups, urbanism, 3D printing, and all things TED. Making the web a better place one design at a time. dumitru 400x400-150x150 Born in: Tripoli, Lybia Education: BSc and MSc in Computer Science Languages spoken: English, French, Romanian Previous occupation: GTA Manager for a small business, wearing many hats including sales, event logistics, and customer service. Fun fact about me: Last minute decision with a couple friends to drive to Washington to attend Obama’s 2009 inauguration. What an experience!  

Emily Hashemi@Emily_Hashemi

Combining my passion for writing & education with web development & design! emily 400x400-150x150 Born in: Toronto, Canada Education: B.A. International Relations and Women's Studies. Languages spoken: English & French Previous occupation: Student/Store Manager/Tryin-to-figure-it-out Fun fact about me: I've taught English (ESL) in five different countries!  

Enzo Carletti@Enzofromspace

Don't talk about it, be about it! enzo 400x400-150x150 Born in: Toronto Education: Humber College, Recording Arts Canada Languages spoken: English, Spanish Previous occupation: Line cook, Bartender, odd job jack Fun fact about me: I used to host an open jam session every Sunday.

Jesse Gray@jessewgray

Ready for the next chapter jesse 400x400-150x150 Born in: Toronto Education: BA Sociology, York / Corporate Communications, Seneca Languages spoken: English Previous occupation: TV Production Fun fact about me: I enjoy music / playing the guitar  

Katrina Leah Bautista@katbuilt

Bright-eyed full-time creative never-give-upper. Now front-end web-dev. Multi-hyphenated, but not complicated. katrina 400x400-150x150 Born in: Manila, Philippines Education: NSCAD University Languages spoken: English, Tagalog, Franglais & just-enough Spanish Previous occupation: Designer, NATIONAL Public Relations Fun fact about me: I collect lists of "untranslateable words" from every language.  

Keli Chiu@kelichiu

A web-alchemist that connects forms to motion and to emotion keli 400x400-150x150Born in: South of Taiwan Education: Graphic Design and Visual Art Education Languages spoken: English, Chinese Mandarin, and need to practice a lot of French Previous occupation: Student Fun fact about me: When I was little, my mind automatically gave colours and numbers different characters and personalities.  

Kerry Wall - @kerrywall 

Code hearted. kerry 400x400-150x150 Born in: Montreal Education: Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University (2007) Languages spoken: English Previous occupation: Web journalist Fun fact about me: I used to run a Star Wars fan fiction site with a friend. We were teenagers. Don't judge us.  

Kristen Spencer@kristencodes

Health pro turned web developer. Basically - I like making things look good. kristen 400x400-150x150 Born in: Ontario Education: Holistic Nutrition | Environment & Health Studies Languages spoken: English Previous occupation: Nutritionist & Personal Trainer Fun fact about me: I'm not overly competitive...unless we are playing a board game. Then, it's on!  

Michael Stone@byMichaelStone

Web developer. Writer. Lover of traveling, fitness, and comedy. Pursuing harmony in code and in life. michael 400x400-150x150Born in: Toronto, Ontario Education: BA, Political Science, U of T Languages spoken: English Previous occupation: Small business owner Fun fact about me: As a kid one summer I gave the local ice cream man some pointers on the best times and locations to sell ice cream in the neighbourhood. As a result I got free ice cream all summer. Win.  

Nancy Naluz@nancynaluz

Band Geek turned Tech Enthusiast nancy 400x400-150x150 Born in: Scarborough, Ontario Education: York University, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music and Concordia University, Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies Languages spoken: English and French Previous occupation: Music Teacher Fun fact about me: I used to be a Luddite!  

Nasma Ahmed@Nasma_Ahmed

Web Developer and Student who has an interest in community building, film and all things technology. nasma 400x400-150x150 Born in: Toronto, Canada Education: BA (Public Policy + City Studies(Community Development) @ University of Toronto Languages spoken: English Previous occupation: Junior Analyst @ Fun fact about me: I have watched every single episode of the Golden Girls twice over.  

Nat Cooper@natacoops

Business Manager, Front-End Web Developer and Digital Solutions Expert nat 400x400-150x150 Born in: Toronto, On Education: BFA, Ryerson University Languages spoken: English Previous occupation: Inventory Analyst Fun fact about me: I was a tour guide in the Toronto Harbour for 3+ years!  

Pamela Tung@colourarchive

Web Developer | Architectural Designer pam 400x400-150x150 Born in: Toronto Education: Master of Architecture, University of Toronto Languages spoken: English Previous occupation: Architectural & Urban Designer Fun fact about me: In elementary school, I used to own a "Lettering Book" which got a lot of borrowing requests.  

Peter Cameron@cameroncodes

Lawyer turned web developer, mixing coffee and code peter 400x400-150x150 Born in: Dundee, Scotland Education: MA Japanese, Law Languages spoken: English, Japanese Previous occupation: Lawyer Fun fact about me: I still can't tell the difference between a kayak and a canoe.  

Simon Bloom - @SimonWBloom

Theatre Director meets Web Designer simon 400x400-150x150 Born in: Ottawa Education: BFA English and Theatre, MFA Theatre Directing Languages spoken: English, French Previous occupation: Theatre Director (also current occupation) Fun fact about me: A homeless man once gave me a car!  

Winter Wei@winterwei

Front-end developer, illustrator, UX designer, comic nerd. Striving to inspire and be inspired. winter 400x400-150x150) Born in: Tianjin, China Education: BSc, Actuarial Science (I passed 5 Society of Actuaries Exams, if you care to know) Languages spoken: English, Mandarin Previous occupation: Web Content/Product Manager Fun fact about me: Before I had internet, I used to meet people all over the world on air with amateur radio. And I still do.  

Zaid Hanania@ZaidHanania

Creativity, passion, and a lot of coffee zaid 400x400-150x150 Born in: Jordan Education: Studying Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto Languages spoken: Arabic, English, some French Previous occupation: Student Fun fact about me: I love playing piano

Wish you were part of this amazing group?

We still have a few spots left for our Fall 2014 cohort! It begins on September 15th and will be led by a very talented team: Brenna O'Brien, Drew Minns and others. Click here to learn more or apply.