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Juno Grad Spotlight: Meet the Dedicated Graduates Who Launched Their Development Careers During COVID-19

September 16, 2020

Blog — Student Stories Juno Grad Spotlight: Meet the Dedicated Graduates Who Launched Their Development Careers During COVID-19

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The Juno Team

Looking for your team's next superstar? Meet some of our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp graduates who are looking to help you find success!

These graduates have particularly unique Bootcamp journeys, as they are part of the first cohorts who learned with us Live Online due to COVID-19 safety measures. Our graduates remained dedicated to their learning, and caring for one another as they adjusted to post-pandemic life together. Through their initiative and community-building, they showed us just how powerful online learning, collaboration, and networks can be. We couldn't be more proud of our students' resilience and ability to adapt and grow, even and especially during these times of uncertainty.

Our Bootcamp Grads are trained in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and more - and they're ready to shine with you! When you hire a Juno Bootcamp grad, you’ll get a positive, hardworking developer with a technical skill set fit for today’s workplace, and a motivation to continue their learning as part of your team.

What sets our grads apart from the rest?

Growth Mindset

Our graduates have made major investments in growing their technical skill sets and building functional applications. They are constantly learning new technologies and have the skills to level up quickly as your company does the same.

Work Experience

Many of our grads have professional experience in areas such as design, sales, project management, and more. They bring unique, transferable knowledge to their development career that is valuable to employers.


Diverse teams perform better. Many of our Bootcamp grads are from groups underrepresented in tech. We partner with organizations that help underrepresented groups access education and enter the workforce. Ramp up your organization’s diversity and give your team an edge.

Remote Work Ready

The world of work has changed. Now more than ever, we need to know how to work and collaborate effectively online. Our Live Online Bootcamp prepares students for this new reality. After 9 weeks of intensive learning from home, Juno grads are well equipped to work in a professional remote environment. They have experience using collaboration and communication tools like Zoom and Slack, performing remote peer to peer code reviews, using breakout rooms to debug in small groups, and practicing pair and mob programming remotely for projects.

Ready to meet some of our grads?

Abir Halwa

Abir is a determined and enthusiastic front-end web developer with a background in software engineering. She's a hardworking team player with critical thinking skills and a systematic approach to problem-solving, and would make an excellent addition to your team as a front-end developer or software developer.

I enjoy building applications that provide a profound, positive impact on people's day-to-day lives.

Before Juno: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering at Aleppo University & Computer Instructor at Alkhobar International Female College

3 words Abir uses to describe herself: Consistent, Driven, Detail-oriented

Featured Project: Scan It! is an app lets you easily scan business card images and convert them to editable contact blocks which can be saved as contact card. The app was built with HTML, CSS, React, and Azure API.

Scan it app preview

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Allan Blackett

Allan Blackett is a web developer and web designer with 2 years of industry experience. He's passionate about leveraging technology to create and maintain accessible and interactive apps. Allan is looking for opportunities in front-end web development, web development, or WordPress/Shopify development.

I’m excited to join a forward-thinking team that combines empathy and innovation to solve real-world problems.

Before Juno: Web Technology Specialist Diploma from TriOS College & WordPress Developer at Freedom Canada Pardons & Waivers

3 words Allan uses to describe himself: Critical Thinker, Ambitious, Empathetic

Featured Project: Term Racer is a speed typing app built with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. The app is an engaging and interactive experience for the user while they learn how to type words faster.

Term Racer app preview

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Anny Pham

Anny is a front-end developer and a self-taught graphic designer who has a passion for bringing her ideas and imagination to life. With previous work experience in project management and business marketing, she's well-versed in working under pressure to meet deadlines and collaborating with a team.

The quote "work hard, play hard" really resonates with me, as I believe in the importance of having a good work-life balance!

Before Juno: Bachelor of Commerce - Business Administration, Marketing at University of Windsor & Special Projects Coordinator at University of Windsor

3 words Anny uses to describe herself: Diligent, Open-minded, Reliable

Featured Project: Pic-draw-sso is a fun and interactive drawing app for you to doodle and upload to a gallery to share with the world! Built with React and Firebase.

Pic-Draw-Sso app preview

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Henry Adusei

Henry is a front-end web developer and conceptual thinker who is passionate about building engaging and useful websites, apps, and user experiences. His background in commerce, digital marketing, and retail has equipped him with a unique user-focused mindset.

My work philosophy is rooted in continuous learning, collaboration, and using efficient means to reach the end goal.

Before Juno: Bachelor of Digital Enterprise Management at University of Toronto at Mississauga & Retail Specialist at North (acquired by Google)

3 words Henry uses to describe himself: Thoughtful, Purposeful, Analytical

Featured project: FitBite is a health and nutrition app that calculates your daily caloric requirements based on your body chemistry and weight goals, and provides you with recipe suggestions that will help you stay within those requirements. Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

FitBite app preview

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Jahanban Tahir

Jahanban is a front-end web developer with 4 years of project management and Agile Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) experience. Jahanban is looking for a team-centric environment where he can continue to learn and grow, as well as use his past experience working in Agile environments.

I do not shy away from asking questions or stepping up to help a colleague, and am always open to learning new skills!

Before Juno: Bachelor of Communication Studies at University of Windsor & Customer Service Consultant at Rogers Communications

3 words Jahanban uses to describe himself: Passionate, Focused, Team Player

Featured Project: Quarantine Pursuit is a project which utilizes Open Trivia database API for creating the quiz. Users get to choose category of questions, number of questions and can also save quiz in Firebase.

Quarantine Pursuit app preview

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Matt Hernandez

Matt is a front-end web developer who pivoted from a career in finance. The smallest detail can impact a multi-million dollar investment, so the care he took in his previous role is taken in the projects he builds. He loves being around people, and brings enthusiasm and energy everywhere he goes!

My ideal environment continues to be fast-paced, surrounded by teammates who are eager to collaborate and inspire growth.

Before Juno: Bachelor of Commerce at University of Guelph & Investment Reporting Analyst at Burgundy Asset Management

3 words Matt uses to describe himself: Curious, Energetic, Disciplined

Featured Project: The Nygma Machine is a group React & Firebase project and a homepage to Batman Forever (1995). The project includes an implementation of a recursive algorithm, Canvas, to create an interactive maze, and Firebase to house player data.

The Nygma Machine app preview

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Mila Ashtari

Mila is a front-end web developer with a passion for developing responsive and accessible web apps. With her background in chemical engineering and research, she brings a unique analytical mindset to problem-solving, which enables her to better understand requirements, clearly structure her code, and deliver user-centered software solutions.

Passion and lifelong learning are two of the most important aspects of my life. I believe passion makes for a continuous learner who can grow and improve through time.

Before Juno: Master of Science in Chemical Engineering at Ryerson University & Data Analyst at RBC Ventures

3 words Mila uses to describe herself: Passionate, Persistent, Detail-oriented

Featured Project: Inspired by the recent increase in pet adoption during the pandemic, Mila created PetAdopt, an app that displays adoptable pets based on location using Pet Finder and mapQuest Rest APIs. Built with Javascript, React, Firebase, and CSS.

PetAdopt app preview

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Naveen Malhotra

Naveen is a front-end web developer with a valuable customer-first mindset with his Masters in Business Administration and retail experience. He’s passionate about continuous innovation, pushing the boundaries of tech, and making a meaningful impact on both the user and your business.

I would love to work in an environment where there is a good blend of culture, values, and learning opportunities.

Before Juno: Master of Business Administration – Sales and Marketing at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University & IT Assistant at Sayal Electronics

3 words Naveen uses to describe himself: Passionate, Creative, Optimistic

Featured Project: This Employee Scheduling App allows managers and employees to manage schedules and time cards in real-time. It includes features that enable managers to save data and email time cards to employees. Built with HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript, Firebase, React.js, and REST API.

Employee Scheduling app preview

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