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Intro to HTML & CSS and Responsive Design Demo Day

December 17, 2013

Blog — Intro to HTML & CSS and Responsive Design Demo Day

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Heather Payne

CEO & Founder

Last Monday night, a group of brand-new front-end web developers showcased their final projects in front of a few dozen friends, family members, HackerYou alumni, advisors and members of the Toronto tech community. Over the last three months, 30 students have been working hard two nights a week learning HTML & CSS and Responsive Design from the ground up to create three websites from scratch. Last week, they all had a chance to demo their final project - a beautiful, fully responsive website that looks just as great on a desktop as it does on a mobile phone or tablet device. The final products were exceptional - we were all blown away. Check out this video for a quick peek of some of the projects featured last night. [caption id="attachment_2181" align="aligncenter" width="377"]Screen-Shot-2013-12-10-at-4.49.38-PM HackerYou Demo Day Final Project Vine[/caption] Final projects ranged from sites crafted for restaurants, retailers, portfolio pieces and even websites that use the Nike+ API to track your runs! The most remarkable part? Students created these from scratch - with no prior coding knowledge - in only a few months with the instruction of Wes Bos and the support of our awesome mentors. Check out these live demos from our Fall 2013 courses here:

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate the students on successfully completing HackerYou Intro to HTML & CSS and Responsive Design courses and to thank some of the very awesome people who helped make it happen including our Lead Instructor, Wes Bos, our Lead Mentor, Brenna O'Brien, and all of the amazing mentors who are one of the main reasons students are able to learn these skills in such a short period of time. Want to learn this stuff, too? Our next part-time course begins on January 20th and there are only a few spots left so apply now!