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Juno Grad Spotlight: Meet The Hardworking Developers Who Graduated During The Pandemic

August 16, 2020

Blog — Student Stories Juno Grad Spotlight: Meet The Hardworking Developers Who Graduated During The Pandemic

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The Juno Team

Looking for talented front-end web developers? Meet some of our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp graduates of Cohort 26 who are looking to shine with your team!

Cohort 26's Bootcamp journey is quite a unique one - partway through their program, Juno's downtown Toronto campus halted In-Person operations like many others due to COVID-19 safety measures. When Bootcamp resumed in a Live Online format, Cohort 26 dove back in headfirst, and faced the new reality of a pandemic and post-pandemic world. After graduation, Cohort 26 had grown as developers, as individuals, and as a caring community during a very uncertain time. With all that the world was throwing their way, it wasn't always easy - but their dedication and enthusiasm persisted. We couldn't be more proud of their accomplishments, and we can't wait to see what they'll do next!

Trained in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and more, our Bootcamp grads are ready and eager to help your team find success. When you hire a Juno Bootcamp grad, you’ll get a positive, hard-working developer with a technical skill set fit for today’s workplace, and a motivation to continue their learning as part of your team.

What sets our grads apart from the rest?

Growth Mindset

Our graduates have made major investments in growing their technical skill sets and building functional applications. They are constantly learning new technologies and have the skills to level up quickly as your company does the same.

Work Experience

Many of our grads have professional experience in areas such as design, sales, project management, and more. They bring unique, transferable knowledge to their development career that is valuable to employers.


Diverse teams perform better. Many of our Bootcamp grads are from groups underrepresented in tech. We partner with organizations that help underrepresented groups access education and enter the workforce. Ramp up your organization’s diversity and give your team an edge.

Remote Work Ready

The world of work has changed. Now more than ever, we need to know how to work and collaborate effectively online. Our Live Online Bootcamp prepares students for this new reality. After 9 weeks of intensive learning from home, Juno grads are well equipped to work in a professional remote environment.

Ready to meet some of our grads?

Alisa Kitkana

Alisa is a front-end web developer with whose main areas of expertise include accessibility, responsiveness, UX, and UI. She prides herself on her dedication, discipline, and her ability to learn quickly!

I am a strong believer in facing challenges head on thanks to my solo journey from Russia to Canada at the age of 17. It taught me to adapt to any critical situation and to keep my chin up no matter what.

Before Juno: Bachelor Degree of International Development at the Business School of Humber College & Barista at Starbucks

3 words Alisa uses to describe herself: Iron will, Brave, & Rational

Featured Project: Frame of Mind is a meditative experience where users can share their thoughts and feelings with relaxing music. Try it out along with Alisa's other apps by clicking below.

Frame of Mind app preview

View Alisa's Portfolio

Bhagirthi Jhamb

Bhagirthi is a civil engineer turned web developer. She’s passionate about learning new technologies and building engaging, accessible web applications. With her past experience in project management, Bhagirthi can also bring the unique knowledge of a project’s life cycle to your team.

Be it building dams or building websites, the engineer in me is always excited to learn!

Before Juno: Bachelor of Technology, Civil Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, India & Assistant Manager at Larsen & Toubro

3 words Bhagirthi uses to describe herself: Passionate, Diligent, & Problem solver

Featured project: Chat Box is a chat app that lets you connect and talk to your friends in real time. Try it out live along with Bhagirthi's other works here.

Chat Box app preview

View Portfolio

Miguel Cabrera

Miguel is a front-end web developer with a positive, open mindset and a passion for building and designing. With previous experience in the tech field, you can count on him to thrive under pressure and meet your deadlines. He’s also very familiar with mobile apps, 3D modelling, and VR renderings.

I am all about making sure everyone is comfortable, content, and spreading good vibes!

Before Juno: Advanced Diploma with Honours in Architectural Technology at Humber College & Content Creation Specialist at KiSP Inc. and Yulio Technologies

3 words Miguel uses to describe himself: Creative, Dependable, & Flexible

Featured Project: Breaking Down The Bad is an informational soundboard generator dedicated to the TV series Breaking Bad. Check it out along with Miguel's other works below.

Breaking down the Bad app preview

View Portfolio

Robin Nong

Robin used to design physical spaces as an architectural designer - now she enjoys building web apps for users in the digital space. E-commerce, finance, education, construction, travel, gaming, you name it - Robin’s interested in working on anything technically challenging, and where she can showcase some of her visual design skills.

I thrive in highly collaborative environments, where team members are empowered to take ownership in the product.

Before Juno: Bachelor of Architectural Science at Ryerson University & Architectural Designer at PROP Architecture

3 words Robin uses to describe herself: Adventurous, Resilient, & Adaptable

Featured Project: PokeTypes encourages players to type the names of Pokemon as they appear on the screen before time runs out to score points! Take a look at her other apps at her portfolio below.

PokeTypes app preview

View Portfolio

Want to set up an interview?

If you're interested in hiring one of our grads, or would like more recommendations, e-mail our Director of Graduate Outcomes Chi-Chi Egbo to get started! You can also view more of our talented Alumni available for hire below:

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