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HackerYou Bootcamp Student Blog Post Roundup: Week 1

February 06, 2014

Blog — HackerYou Bootcamp Student Blog Post Roundup: Week 1

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Heather Payne

CEO & Founder

Since we kicked off the first cohort of our full-time front-end development bootcamp last Monday, our students have been taking the initiative to blog about what they've been learning and about their journeys toward becoming front-end developers. Whether you're curious about what they've been working on, looking to learn some new things about web development personally, or are interested in hiring some amazing web developers once they're graduate on March 28th, check out this week's blog posts from our HackerYou bootcamp students:

Alex Perala - @alex_perala 

---What Are Websites Made Of? (/What Is The Internet?)

Alison Kinross @awkinross

---Making things semi-transparent and the importance of compressing photos

Amy Allen @inquisitive_amy 

--- Week 1: Layout, CSS 3 And Hosting My First Website

Daniel Thai

---Better Late Than Never: Week 1 of HackerYou

Danielle Webb@danigirl1987

---The Importance Of Writing Efficient Code

Elizabeth Melito - @imemelito

---Responsive Design

Emma Harris - @emmaraeharris

---Week One

Fiona Martin

---Week 1 & Fancy Shadows

Gab White @gabwhite

---How I Learned to Design in the Browser

Habib Akbar

---Day 5

Hannah Allen

---Day 5 - HackerYou Web Development Bootcamp

Jessica Duarte - @jessicaduarte

---The Essenth of CSS Specificity

Jessica Marshall@jessmarshall07

---First Week of HackerYou Completed!

Lindsay Fry

---Week 1 - Reviewing HTML & CSS

Mandy Thomson - @mandymadethis

---Week 1 = WOW

Nathan F**oon **- @nathanfoon

---Week calc(9 − 8)… done!

Sharon Chan@shrnchn

---Week 1 at HackerYou

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