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Camping With HackerYou: Why You'll Love the Toronto Tech Community

July 10, 2015

Blog — Why Tech? Camping With HackerYou: Why You'll Love the Toronto Tech Community

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Heather Payne

CEO & Founder

When I explain HackerYou to someone who hasn't experienced the community first-hand, there are a few things that I always highlight. Our amazing part-time classes and bootcamp are obviously on the top of the list because they're the reason people come here. People come to learn in a way that works for them. I never fail to mention the gorgeous space we operate, either. It's bustling, beautiful, and an enriching place to learn. I also talk about how we're growing -- offering new workshops, additional classes, and taking over two more floors of space by the end of the summer. But, for me, the most important part of this awesome place I work is the community. The students, instructors, staff and alumni who make this place what it is are unimaginably fantastic. You're always greeted with a smile when you come in to HackerYou, and help is always just a Slack message away. These people are passionate about learning, bettering themselves and inviting other people to learn along with them. Like a lot of jobs in the tech world, HackerYou isn't a typical 9-5 place. People work here on weekends and come here after their work day (sometimes to take a class, visit us for a bootcamp show-and-tell or to just say hello). The HackerYou experience isn't one where you come in, learn some things, and leave. When someone connects with another person here, we get really excited. This September, we're offering up another opportunity for our community to come together, for people to connect. We're going to camp. We're heading to the Kawartha Lakes for a weekend. We'll run sessions on professional development in the tech world. We'll have fun in the great outdoors and breathe some fresh air outside of the downtown core. Most importantly, we'll spend time together as a community. Why camp? We can provide some relaxation in the bustling, busy world of tech that we work in. We can introduce members of our community to one another, and help people establish new relationships. We can help our community think about where they see themselves in the tech world and help them get there. We're also going to have a whole lot of fun. We can't wait.

Are you a HackerYou Alumnus and interested in joining us in September? Register for HackerYou Camp here.