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Data Foundations: How Our New Course Will Help You Harness the Power of Data

October 22, 2019

Blog — Why Juno? Data Foundations: How Our New Course Will Help You Harness the Power of Data

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The Juno Team

If you want to enter Canada’s booming tech industry, there are many unique learning journeys that can get you there. Or if you’ve already begun diving into tech, there are valuable ways to advance your knowledge.

Here at Juno, we’re always working to help you level up. The latest addition to our curriculum does just that by helping you learn how to make the most of the data you collect. So it’s time to discover: is Data Foundations at Juno for you?

Working with data and analytics is a skill-set that’s more in demand than ever. From social media and sales to sports and gaming, if you’re interested in better understanding the data and analytics you work with, this course is a great place to start. By advancing your data literacy (aka becoming more fluent and comfortable reading and working with data or participating in semi-technical conversations) you can make yourself an invaluable asset to your team, and this course can get you there.

Our first Data Foundations course will be running this December in an Accelerated format. Over ten days of learning, you’ll study fundamental concepts in data management and analysis including the basics of the data science workflow, predictive modelling, machine learning and how you can apply it to real-world problems. We’ll get hands-on with data tools and technologies and work on a mini project so you can apply your new learnings. This is a very sturdy foundation: In two short weeks you will know how to build a predictive model!

Due to the incredible interest we’ve seen in this course, we’ve also opened up a second Data Foundations session in March. This course will be in our standard 8-week evening format, so if December dates don’t work for you, or you’d like to learn at a more relaxed pace, this is a great option.

Data is an exciting discipline and a big field. Our Data Foundations course provides you with the most important tools and techniques and – most importantly – empowers you with the fundamental knowledge you need to improve your data literacy, excel in your career, and ultimately – harness the power of data.

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