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Blog Post Roundup: HackerYou Summer '14 Bootcamp Students

July 28, 2014

Blog — Blog Post Roundup: HackerYou Summer '14 Bootcamp Students

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Heather Payne

CEO & Founder

The Summer 2014 cohort of our full-time front-end web development immersive program are just starting Week Five! We can't believe time is flying by so fast. Our new students have been blogging about what they've been learning and about their journey toward becoming a front-end web developer. Whether you’re curious about what they’ve been working on, looking to learn some new things about web development personally, or are interested in hiring some amazing web developers once they’re graduate on August 29th, check out some blog posts from our HackerYou bootcamp students:

Alsu Kurr - @alsukurr

---Uncertainty: how much of it do you really need?

Asaf Gerchak - @CoderOfNote

---Oh, hey! Didn't see you there.

Christina Ting - @thingsbyting

---Clear:both, Clearfix, Floats … Oh My!

Colin D'Amelio - @colindameli0


Enzo Carletti - @enzofromspace


Keli Chiu - @kelichiu

---from neophyte to guru

Kerry Wall - @kerrywall

---Building a simple quiz with jQuery

Kristen Spencer - @kristencodes

---I'm a Developer

Michael Stone - @bymichaelstone

---Daily Rituals of a Developer

Nat Cooper - @natacoops

---Art Meets Code

Pamela Tung - @colourarchive

---CSS Rotation Animation

Peter Cameron - @cameroncodes

---The Importance of Planning

Simon Bloom - @simonwbloom

---Don’t Treat Your Lighting Designer Like a Lighting Board

Winter Wei - @winterwei

---Time to Care About Web Performance

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