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From Musician to Chapter Lead: How Free Workshops Help People Discover Their Passion for Coding

July 17, 2015

Blog — Why Tech? From Musician to Chapter Lead: How Free Workshops Help People Discover Their Passion for Coding

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Heather Payne

CEO & Founder

Nancy Naluz is a graduate of our Summer 2014 bootcamp who got her start like many of our graduates, through a Ladies Learning Code workshop. Originally a musician, Nancy now works at Dynamo as a Front-End Developer and is Ladies Learning Code's Montreal Chapter Lead. You can learn more about her here. Before starting the bootcamp, what were you doing and where were you living? Before coming to HackerYou, I had just finished a Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. After my studies I went back to my previous profession as a music teacher but was increasingly interested in entering the tech industry after attending a Ladies Learning Code workshop in Toronto. I launched the Montreal Chapter of Ladies Learning Code and began to teach myself a bit here and there about front-end web development. Being a part of that community gave me the confidence to learn code seriously and I decided to attend HackerYou that summer to learn what it takes to be a developer. What was it that drew your to HackerYou? I love the idea of project-based learning. Also knowing that it was founded by the same team of Ladies Learning Code, I knew that I would be in a supportive, fun and collaborative environment for learning how to code. What stands out to you as a highlight during your time in class? We made a GitHub repo dedicated to sending each other warm fuzzies basically updating it by committing compliments to each other. It was the cutest day ever. Coming out of the bootcamp, where have you settled in the world? After HackerYou, I moved back to Montreal. I’m still leading Ladies Learning Code with now another Chapter Lead so we can offer more workshops in French. A few weeks after the program ended I joined Dynamo, a digital design studio in the Mile-Ex that focuses on making brands, web apps, e-commerce sites, and mobile apps. So far, it has been an amazing experience! What keeps you connected to the HackerYou community? I still come back to Toronto from time to time and I enjoy stopping by the Lab or Early Bird to catch up with some of my cohort. I’ve also just configured my Slack so I can be in three teams at the same time. Never missing in action.

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