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Learn JavaScript Faster with Our New Accelerated Courses

October 24, 2018

Blog — Which Course is For Me? Learn JavaScript Faster with Our New Accelerated Courses

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Melissa Carter

Content Marketing Manager

This summer, we introduced a new accelerated format for our Part-Time Web Development courses. The verdict is in, people loved it.

Learning our signature proven content on a deadline is a great way to level up on a deadline. Since it worked so well with Part-Time Web Development, we're excited today to announce that we've optimized our Part-Time JavaScript courses for the same exciting format! Accelerated JavaScript courses will kick off in January 2019, blending content learned in our Part-Time JavaScript courses with the immersive atmosphere of our Bootcamp

After receiving such fantastic feedback from Accelerated Web Development students, we knew that an accelerated format for those wanting to build on their HTML & CSS skills was a must! While the content is identical to our Part-Time JavaScript courses, the accelerated format has been engineered for those who prefer weekday learning and a faster pace. This format is optimal for students or teachers on a break from school, employees on vacation or whose employers are supportive of short-term weekday learning, and those preparing to apply for our Bootcamp.

Check below for what one of our first Accelerated Web Development students had to say about the accelerated format, and view our full Accelerated JavaScript course page for more details and course dates.

Class is short lectures that feature code-alongs mixed with short bouts of independent or team-work. It is hard to ever feel left behind as there was always time to ask questions before or after class or in Slack. I had a great time and learned a lot. It was a great introduction to the community of HackerYou and a nice way to see if you are the type of person that can handle an immersive course. It was only two weeks of 10-6 but you are learning something nearly every hour of each day and putting it into practice. I definitely feel more confident in my skills and feel like I accomplished something great. - Luca Morellato