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Part–Time & Accelerated React Courses in Toronto


In our React course, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of this powerful library and key industry-standards designed to level-up your JavaScript workflow.

A React Course for JavaScript Developers

In this course, we'll cover React fundamentals and best practices before diving into advanced topics like Hooks and Testing. Whether you’re already working with React or a novice JavaScript developer ready to learn a new framework, you'll leave this course with new skills under your belt.

Test Driven Development

We’ve all been there before - you launch a new website or application and end up fixing bugs on the fly. This shouldn't have to be part of your workflow and in this course we’ll explore how Test Driven Development can help. Testing is an extremely portfolio-friendly skill that is often overlooked by new React developers, but trust us, it's going to completely change the way you approach your work.

A Community You’ll Thrive In

React brings together a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds and industries, all eager to improve their JavaScript skills with this dynamic library. At Juno, we’re committed to providing an inclusive, safe classroom for all that choose to learn with us. And a welcoming one! From the moment you walk into your first class you’ll be a member of the warm Juno community of staff, students, and alumni.

  • 8 weeks 48 hours part-time OR
  • 2 weeks 65 hours full-time Accelerated
  • 10:1 Students to Instructors

What you’ll learn

With an exciting blend of in-class lessons and hands-on exercises based on real-world applications, this course will teach you all you need to know to level up with React. You can expect to learn:

  • Class and Function Components
  • State and Props
  • Lifecycle Methods
  • React Hooks
  • useState and useEffect
  • Custom Hooks
  • Jest and React Testing Library
  • Integration Testing
  • Test Driven Development

Course Projects

Intro Course – React

What will I build?

Dates & Costs


48 hours over 8 weeks

Learn on evenings or weekends in our signature 8-week format, designed to fit in with a busy schedule.


65 hours over 2 weeks

Learn full-time, Monday to Friday for two weeks in this fast-paced format designed for tech-savvy learners.


Monday to Friday

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February 24 March 06, 2020

10:00am - 5:30pm

483 Queen St. W, Toronto

Instructed by

Con-Ed Team


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Monday & Wednesday

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March 23 May 13, 2020

6:30pm - 9:30pm

483 Queen St. W, Toronto

Instructed by

Con-Ed Team


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$2,000 + HST

All of our Continuing Education courses are $2,000 + HST. Talk to a member of our Student Success Team to learn more about payment details and financing options.

Our Lifelong Skills Guarantee means that you will always be up-to-date with industry best practices.

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Meet your React Instructors

Mark Goldberg

Product Manager, Advanced Programs

React Student Experience Package

This React student experience package contains:

  • Full course syllabus and weekly class overview
  • A breakdown of course costs
  • Overview about the amazing Juno community and what you can expect from your learning experience with us
  • How to get started
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React FAQs

Who is React for?

This course is for anyone looking to use React to level up their JavaScript skill set and improve their workflows. If you’re a junior developer ready to add another skill to your resume, this in-demand library will make you a more valuable asset to any modern development team. If you’re already working with React and looking to master modern best practices, this course will dive into the advanced concepts you need to level up.

Do I need to know how to code before taking React?

You’ll need to have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before enrolling in this course. You do not need to have any existing React knowledge, but if you do, this course will solidify foundational concepts you already know so you can have a better understanding of the inner-workings of this library.

What if I don’t have a background in JavaScript, and just want to learn React?

Before diving into React, we recommend starting with Juno’s JavaScript course. React is a JavaScript library so it’s important to have a foundational understanding of JavaScript first. Once you have taken JavaScript you’ll be able to fully appreciate the benefits of using React and apply core JavaScript concepts in new and exciting ways.

Why would I take this course at Juno over another school offering similar curriculum?

Our React curriculum covers the most up-to-date content and industry standards around the topics covered in this course. In our course, you’ll also be introduced to two key concepts, React Hooks and Testing, that are not usually taught in typical React courses. Both of these advanced concepts will change the way you approach writing code, and are an in-demand, must-learn skill for anyone aspiring to be an expert React developer.

What if I have some experience with another framework such as Angular or Vue?

React is its own library with lots to learn, and experience with another framework will likely make it easier for you to grasp key concepts covered in this course. In the same way, the concepts covered in this course will also make it easier for you to continue your coding journey and can apply to all of the programming you do in the future.

What will be a tangible takeaway from the course?

At the end of this course, you will have built an impressive React application with its own test suite. This project will be an awesome portfolio piece to showcase your React skills, and a great representation of what you can do with these exciting new technologies. Your project will also showcase your understanding of concepts many React developers have likely not yet explored, and the great level of thought you put into considering the testing and real world use of the application.

Will this course cover Redux or other state management philosophies? Will it teach TypeScript?

Hooks are taught in Juno’s React course, so the useReducer hook, which was built with state management in mind, will be covered. This hook is being widely used as an alternative to Redux and other state management philosophies.

While TypeScript is gaining traction in the JavaScript developer community, it is not required to code with React so we will not cover it in this course. While TypeScript has great value in highly architected and tested JavaScript projects, vanilla JavaScript is a better option when learning React and testing concepts.

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