Meet the Team

Tristan Lawrence

Marketing Developer


Based in Toronto, Tristan Lawrence Is a Front-End Developer and Digital Creative with a passion for learning and creating. He has a background in music production and loves to talk about all things music, audio, tech, and productivity. He’s currently the Marketing Developer at Juno College of Technology.

During his times as a producer, he found himself needing a website… but little did he know that his constant efforts of re-vamping his website to make it more custom would lead him down a path into the world of web development. After lots of tinkering and research, he settled on then HackerYou College of Technology (now Juno), as the place where he would level up his web development skills and become a fully-fledged Front-End Developer. He took the part-time Web Development course before going full-force into the famed Bootcamp.

In his free time, Tristan likes to bike around the city, explore, game, watch movies, and have fun with his friends doing various activities around the city. He’ll always be constantly improving, constantly learning, and growing his skills to become better at every creative outlet he puts his mind to!