Meet the Team

Melissa Carter

Content Marketing & Design Manager


Melissa is Juno's Content Marketing & Design Manager, overseeing all of Juno's organic content. This includes designing all branded materials, and managing social media, email, and blog content, as well as managing the design, development, and content strategy of Juno's website.

For the last six months Melissa has been focused on Juno's rebrand from HackerYou, ensuring that all materials are beautifully-designed, well-written, and in line with Juno's new brand visuals and voice.

Melissa enjoys wearing multiple hats, thinking outside the box, and taking an idea from inception to implementation. Before joining Juno in January of 2018 Melissa was a freelance Branding and Web Designer, helping small businesses design a brand and build a digital presense.

In her free time Melissa loves binge-watching shows with her roommate (who she first met at Juno), going to the gym, and perfecting the art of drawing with a trackpad. You can follow along with her illustrations on Instagram @melissacadesign.