Meet the Team

Daniel Andres

Student Admissions Coordinator


Dan is the Admissions Coordinator at Juno College, which has him managing and processing student applications for all of the courses offered. Originally joining the team as the Office Manager, he quickly identified his desire to pursue a career in Academic Admissions, once he transitioned into his current role.

As the Admissions Coordinator, Dan gets to perform what he truly loves to do, flex his administrative muscle, and support prospective students in their academic journeys. This propensity to be a resource for students stems from his 8 years in retail management, prior to joining Juno. During this time, he acquired skills and experience in hiring and recruitment, staff development, and customer service—to name a few.

When Dan isn't chatting with students, he’s most likely talking about movies. Despite having a Bachelor of Cinema Studies, his favourite movie of all time isn’t some obscure art house film or film noir, rather, it’s ‘Romy and Michele's High School Reunion’.