Meet the Team

Charlotte Nurse

Director of Programs


Initially launching her career in Fashion & Beauty, Charlotte has over ten years of people and project management experience and made the pivot to EdTech after meeting with Heather in April 2018. The industries may be very different, but empathy and authenticity are still her biggest motivators. She’s found it very exciting to bring her experience and expertise to budding Web Developers, and to build relationships with Toronto’s newest and brightest - Juno alum!

As Program Manager, Charlotte works with the instructor and support teams to iterate on our vocational Web Development Immersive Bootcamp and ensure students are set up for success. From the time you’re accepted into the program to the time your job search starts, if you’re looking to give or receive feedback, needing support, or just have a random question and you don’t know who to call, Charlotte’s your guy.

Outside of Juno Charlotte can be found petting any dog at any time, talking about astrology, learning about Diversity and Inclusion in tech, and listening almost exclusively to music from 2005.