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Meet Your Instructor: Talia Harrison-Marcassa on Helping Your Next Career Move with Juno's Full-Stack Development Course

September 28, 2020

Blog — Which Course is For Me? Meet Your Instructor: Talia Harrison-Marcassa on Helping Your Next Career Move with Juno's Full-Stack Development Course

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Sennah Yee

Marketing Coordinator

Juno College

Meet Talia Harrison-Marcassa, an instructor here at Juno College! Before breaking into tech, Talia received her BFA in Theatre Production and worked in the large-scale events and theatre space. "I find coding very similar!" she says. "In theatre, you have a finite number of resources and time and you are trying to pull all the pieces together to create something - just like coding! You want to create something and figure out how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to accomplish that."

Talia took a workshop with Ladies Learning Code, now known as Canada Learning Code - also founded by Juno's CEO and Founder Heather Payne! "I was immediately grabbed by the ability to create something within the framework of code," she says.

She continued on to take Juno's Continuing Education courses, and then graduated from our full-time Web Development Immersive Bootcamp in 2017. After graduation, Talia worked at several Toronto start-ups in both front-end and full-stack roles, including CrowdRiff, before joining Juno's team as a full-time Instructor in 2020.

"I love spending time with students debugging their code," says Talia. "I always learn lots through the process of debugging too! Students also come up with the most wonderful metaphors for things; I love providing them the information and tools, and watching them digest it and making it their own."

Talia's thrilled to be teaching Juno's Full-Stack Development course starting on October 25th, 2020.

"With the Full-Stack Development course in particular, I love how it can provide another piece of the web development puzzle for students. It’s very exciting to be able to watch the complexity of apps people can build expand!" - Talia Harrison-Marcassa

Juno's Full-Stack Development course is designed to help you become more a knowledgeable, valuable, and versatile developer. Many graduates of our Web Development Immersive Bootcamp and front-end developers join the course to broaden their career horizons and qualify for more senior, higher-paying roles. You'll complete the course with knowledge and experience in:

  • back-end & API development
  • data persistence
  • security
  • and more!

What do students need to succeed in the course? "Being comfortable with React will definitely help," says Talia. "As well as an open mind and patience with yourself to learn new things!" Check out our blog here for a detailed breakdown of what you'll learn and build.

"If you're a front-end developer who would like to expand your understanding of web development in an inclusive and easygoing environment, this course is for you!" says Talia.

Our learning experiences and community are unlike any other! Now Live Online, you can learn with us and level up from anywhere in the world. Our Live Online format also equips our students with increasingly in-demand remote work skill sets by using Slack and Zoom to connect and collaborate, using breakout rooms to debug in small groups, and more.

"Juno's online learning experience is very energetic," says Talia. "We do our best to make sure everyone feels comfortable and included in the class. We take time to ensure that everyone is keeping up with the code alongs, including debugging sessions together which help other students hone their debugging skills as well! It’s a very interactive environment; we love answering student questions!"

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