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Juno’s Take: The Benefits of In-Person Learning

November 22, 2019

Blog — Why Juno? Juno’s Take: The Benefits of In-Person Learning

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The Juno Team

Online learning is popular and may seem like a good option in a field that hinges on computers, but there are many advantages to learning web development in person. Online learning is for some people and not others. Before making a decision, it’s important to understand how you personally retain information and be comfortable with the program you choose.

The most important factor – for several reasons – is the relationships and people that come along with studying in-class. Having face-to-face time with your instructor, fellow students and your mentors (Juno perk!) will only accelerate your learning. With this in mind, below we’ve considered the benefits of studying in a classroom setting.

Interactive Learning (Literally)

One of the most powerful yet underappreciated elements of learning in class is the ability to ask questions, in real time. We’ve all been there: there’s something you don’t understand or need clarity on. What do you do? Raise your hand of course! Having things sink in – for the first time – is extremely beneficial to retaining new information. Asking questions online while self-learning can create challenges, depending on the platform you use. And if something isn’t resonating it can be difficult to justify the value of the learning you’re getting.

Personalized Support

Learning in an in-class setting creates the opportunity for personalized support. At Juno, for example, there’s always at least two mentors in the class along with your instructor who are there to help with whatever you need. They're available for help with homework, projects, or even if you need a refresher on the previous lesson. You’ll also be able to code along with the instructor or mentor, learning as you go. This is something we’ve found to be very beneficial in our students’ learning.


An in-class learning experience can create a greater sense of accountability, which some of us really need! You’ve invested your time and money, so your instructors and mentors will be committed to supporting your learning journey in all its aspects. Bear in mind, some online curriculums hold you accountable through live classes and quizzes but not all.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. We’ve met students who were self-taught before enrolling in an in-person study environment and it’s been our experience that those students valued the experience and, most importantly, the people they met.

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