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FITC Web Unleashed 2017: Front-End Development Talks from the HackerYou Community

September 19, 2017

Blog — Why Juno? FITC Web Unleashed 2017: Front-End Development Talks from the HackerYou Community

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Brandon Keen

Campaign Marketing Manager

FITC On September 25th and 26th, FITC Web Unleashed hits Toronto for its 2017 edition. This year's conference is packed with presentations and panels (many featuring our HackerYou community) that will keep you up-to-date on all the latest tools and technology in front-end development. The Toronto tech community looks forward to it every year, and we're thrilled to see so many members of the HackerYou family on this year's schedule, from our CEO Heather and CTO Ryan to our part-time instructors and full time bootcamp grads. This year, the HackerYou team will have a booth set up in the conference vendor area. Stop by in between panels and presentations to chat with us, play a game that will show off your coding skills, and even enter to win a Macbook Air! It's going to be a jam packed 2 days, so we've rounded up some of our must-attend presentations featuring members of the HackerYou community to help you plan your schedule. If you're interested in coming but don't have a pass yet, don't forget to enter our giveaway for one here. robyn Remote: Hacking The World’s Genius // September 25th - 10:30am @ SALON CD Robyn Larsen, Bootcamp Graduate Co-Founder, Zona Fitness Academy Looking to begin the shift towards a distributed working environment? Robyn will discuss key steps you can start experimenting with, employee requirements, policy changes, and what it takes to understand if your team/culture has the ability to adopt a remote lifestyle. More info. heather Ask Them Anything: Career & Life Advice for Junior & Intermediate Developers // September 25th - 1:30pm @ SALON CD Heather Payne, CEO HackerYou Heather will be leading this casual, intimate conversation with some of the industry's most inspirational leaders, Chris Coyier (CodePen & CSS-Tricks), Sarah Drasner (Microsoft & Web Animations Workshops), and Una Kravets  (Digital Ocean). Our panelists will share stories about their journeys, and their best advice for creating an exciting career and a rewarding life. More info. haris-profile-hero-1280x444 An Introduction to the World of Testing for Front-End Developers // September 25th - 2:30pm @ TRINITY I Haris Mahmood, Part-Time Web Development Instructor Front-End Developer, Shopify Haris aims to navigate the world of testing front-end code, and provide steps for front-end developers to incorporate testing into their work and projects quickly and with ease! More info. jen How to Build Accessible Products // September 26th - 11:30am @ SALON CD Jennifer Taylor, Bootcamp Graduate + HY Accessibility Club Organizer Front-End Web Developer, Shopify September 26, 11:30am - 12:15pm Jen, a co-founder of HackerYou's Web Accessibility Club will join a panel to discuss building accessible products through inclusive design, and what the product development process looks like. More info. ksenija Thinking in Components // September 26th - 11:30am @ TRINITY III Browser’s Castle: Defend Your Code Like A Designer // September 26th, 2:30pm @ THE B-SIDE Ksenija Gogic, Bootcamp Graduate Web Developer, TWG Thinking in Components In this presentation, Ksenija will discuss how to design for component-based web applications to make for a more efficient workflow, an easier design handoff, and a better understanding between roles. More info. Browser's Castle In this talk, Liam Oscar Thurston (TWG) will cover Design Principles 101, Sketch 101 for Front-End, How to Defend Your Work, and lots more. Over a decade of leading design and engineering teams to achieve collaborative glory, Liam has learned how to help both succeed. Ksenija will join Liam to regale you with tips from both sides of the struggle. More info. anne Git Things Done // September 26th - 3:45PM @ TRINITY I Anne Thomas, Lead Developer, Out of The Sandbox Part-Time Web Development + JavaScript Instructor Are you using git and services like GitHub to their full potential? This talk will look at how you can best leverage git so that your merge conflicts are minimal and your projects get out the door on time. Anne will also be looking at real-life examples of git workflows so you can determine which one will work best for your situation. More info. ryan Full Stream Ahead! // September 26th - 3:45pm @ SALON AB Ryan Christiani, CTO HackerYou The web platform is constantly evolving, and with it new tools are being introduced. When it comes to processing large amounts of data, streams on the server have been super helpful. Now we are finally getting some of that power in the browser. Ryan will look at the history of streams, and how they can help us build on top of the web platform! More info. We hope to see you there! Can't make it? Make sure you're following us on Instagram (@thisishackeryou) and Twitter (@hackeryou) for updates.